Thursday, July 15, 2010

Single Digits Baby!

Thats right...we're at 9 days!! I am so stinkin excited!  But as I said goodbye to Steve last night and counted how many more nights we'd have to go through the same goodnight routine ("just 10 more minutes" "baby I have to go, it takes 30 minutes to get home", "I know, I"m SO ready to be married" "I know, me too sweetie" "ok be safe" "Ok I'll text ya when I make it home..." yes same thing every night....but last night I realized that we only have a few more days of life like this.  Its all about to change!  We will say our vows, see LOTS of people at our reception, then off we'll go on our honeymoon (its still a surprise for me!!) then when we return, I'll start to work August 2nd.  Steve will start seminary.  And there we will be...NEWLYWEDS!!! As excited as I am to be married and not having to say goodbye at night, I have become aware of how blessed we are right now where we are.  So as I count down the days till we say  "I DO" I'm also going to cherish these sweet moments left in single life!