Friday, July 5, 2013

Making Progress

My little man finally decided (at 14 months) that he would brave his first steps today. After weeks and weeks of trying to get him to walk I kinda came to the conclusion that he would do it when he was ready. Well today was the day! I sat him down while making lunch and saw him pick up his foot and place it back down. Steve was home (as he is so faithful and sweet to visit us during his lunch break) we were both surprised as balance hasn't been Eli's strong point up until this point. 
So after lunch I decided to see what a little bribeing would do (yeah I know parent of the year award right?) 
So I pulled out the raisins (I totally have him convinced they are candy) and what do you know, he took a step. Mind you a teeny-tiny baby step but none the less his first step. I don't think I could have been any prouder. Next raisin 2 steps. Of course I texted Steve and he asked for a video. So this mommy did her best to set up a hidden camera cause Lord knows once he sees the camera any tricks he even thought about doing are thrown out the window. And by God's grace I got4 little baby steps caught on video! :) my sweet boy is growing up!! Of course I had to reward him with several hugs, some raisins and some rest time while watching Barney. Yeah that's his new obsession. Now that FreshBeat Band is off netflix (or I cant find it) I've been looking for something that sings a lot. Sweet Eli takes after his daddy and loves music. Now if I ask him if he wants to watch Barney he looks straight at the tv or finds the changer for me (did I mention parent of the year award already? Because of course a good parent lets them watch tv right? the wait till after they're are 2 was not going to happen in our house)
So he braves his first steps and now apparently he'a a big boy. He's mastered crawling up the stairs, everyone with no help, he attempts to climb on and of his train (this is still in progress), he gets in and out or his little chair by himself and today he felt strong enough to climb on top of the dishwasher lid in the 2 second I had turned around to wash a bowl out. Never a dull moment and I LOVE it!! He's reached the point of letting us know what he wants, and by this I mean crying and a few fits. He also knows what "no" and "stop" mean and poor thing has a melt down if he hears these words. He's super sweet though so thankfully this isn't all the time but he has his moments. He'a starting to listen better but it's constantly training them and trying to be consistent. I think that's the hardest thing. I have to pray every day (really should be every moment) for wisdom cause this parenting thing is tough! But I wouldn't trade it for a second. I love my life! My sweet baby and my handsome husband!! So thankful for all God's blessings in my life!

Oh and since no one but my mom probably reads this I want to document his foods so I don't forget one day. Now that we don't do much wheat and no eggs, Eli thankfully is loving fruit. He's still a green bean fanatic and I can occasionally throw in some butter beans and purple hull peas but green bean are the go to around here. His new favs are grapes and strawberries with blueberries and raisins holding steady for the top winner. Turkey and chicken are his meats of choice and cheese and grilled cheese are always on the menu. He sometimes will eat rice noodles with cheese and often potato rounds but still trying to come up with more carb thing that don't contain much or any wheat. It's a work in progress but isn't everything! Baked ziti was on the menu last night and he devoured it! Messy faced cute baby!