Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1 year :)

July 24, 2011
Its hard to believe Steve and I have been married a whole year...where did the time go! I'll be honest, there were some rough days with me being a first year teacher, Steve starting seminary plus all the adjustments to be married, but its been wonderful! I am so blessed to be married to a man who loves me and provides for me. He is probably the most caring person I have ever met! I couldn't even dream of marrying a guy that looks after me so much...I'm one lucky girl!
Ok enough with the lovely dovey...on to our anniversary celebration...
First I have to say that we went on another two week stretch of not being at home so any type of alone time with my hubby was sounding pretty good to me!
We had middle school camp 2 weeks ago - it was AWESOME! Hopefully I will have time to blog about that but no guarantees since school starts tomorrow...yes thats right the dreaded word 'school', but we won't dwell on that for now. I drove back from camp on Friday, unpacked, washed, and repacked for us to head out Sunday morning for my very first "Short" family vacation....another blog post coming about that as well :)
So now to the anniversary...we spent most of Saturday saying "this is the last time we'll ever be able to say 'last year at this time I was single'". So Sunday Steve had to wake up early to finish studying for his lesson...I rolled over about 6:30 to found him still in the bed...my first reponse was 'honey do you know what time it is?" His response was "yes baby, its ok...Happy Anniversary'. He is so thoughtful even when I am NOT!! Although I'm sure he could have jumped out of bed to get ready for a busy morning instead he took the time to say something so sweet....I think he's a keeper :)
After church we went to Longhorn for lunch where we had our very first date! It was really fun to reminisce of what we talked about and how nervous we both were.
Then we headed home and were going to pack for our night out but instead we decided to watch our wedding video at the exact same time we got married last year :) It was very special to sit with him and watch...I was quite giddy but also a little emotional. It was such a perfect day!! And it was a great reminder to live up to the vows we promised each other. I have failed so much but thankfully he forgives me as we are both learning to 'Think of others better than ourselves" as Christ commands us to do. After lots of ooey-gooey giddy moments that I'll leave out, we packed up and headed to the Peabody where we stayed last year on our wedding night. It was so fun to relive those feelings as we drove off from our wedding knowing we were husband and wife. Its an incredible feeling! :) We got to the peabody just in time to see the ducks - it was really fun!!

When we got to the room, room service arrived we chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake...MY FAVORITE!!! We exchanged gifts too - first anniversary theme is 'paper' so I got Steve tickets to a Rascal Flatts concert. For almost 2 years now its been on our bucket list to attend a country concert and here it is!! :)
Steve got me tickets to see Les Miserables!!!! I was shocked! I mentioned it to him about 2 months ago but thought it'd be too expensive...somehow my amazing hubster find a cheaper matinée so we get to go!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

For Dinner we went to this place called The Majestic. It used to be the old movie theater. It was so so neat! Here we are on our way there....
Although I'd love to blog more about the neat dinner place we went to, our the romantic walk in the peabody but my lesson plans are calling my name!! So to sum it up...we had a very special and fun anniversary...I have the absolute BEST husband...I'm blessed to be his wife...can't wait for the next 75 years together!!! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Teacher freebies...

I haven't spent as much time as I'd like to get ready for another year of Kindergarten but hopefully after our next few trips I'll have a whole week strictly dedicated to Kindergarten preparations. But for right now all I'm doing is a lot of praying and lots of google searches.

Here's a new freebie I found!! Super excited since this is such a cute story!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th!!

What a wonderful independence day!
We had an early celebration with the youth staff which was fun then traveled to good ole Kosciusko on Monday. It has been a LONG time since all the Olivers were together so we knew we were in for a great day! Steve had not had a chance to hang out with the whole gang but he braved the craziness and tackled his first Oliver holiday...congratulations! We had about 28 people in all and enough food to feed a small army...we had ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings, spaghetti, potatoes, green beans, taco dip, corn, and oh Im sure there's something I'm forgetting...everyone had something they would like! Crazy combinations but it worked for us! And I didn't even mention desserts...lots of those as well! We also got to go see Meredith and Robert's new property and house. It definitely gave Steve and I house buying fever. We would LOVE to live in a small town out in the country...maybe one day!
On our way home from Kosi we randomly saw two fireworks shows...we pulled off the side of the road and enjoyed about a 20 minute show in Southhaven then drove a little futher and ran into another one in Olive Branch. We felt very blessed to run into to great shows.
What a day of blessings to spend time with family and enjoy great fellowship!

My 4th of July fruit kabobs...such easy and quite yummy!

Will liked them!! :) What a cutie!

Celebrating the red, white and blue with some yummy CUPCAKES!!!!!
The kiddos loved them!

Like I said, we had LOTS of food!

The girls enjoyed playing beauty shop!

The whole gang!

Our first 4th of July together!! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer of the traveling Shorts...

The summer is FLYING by and boy have we been busy!! We have been gone for 3 of the 5 weeks I have been out of school, with 2 weeks being consecutive trips. And we are not done yet...we will leave for Middle School Camp bright and early Monday morning. When we return Friday afternoon I will spend a frantic Saturday cleaning and doing laundry so we can get on the road early Sunday morning to head to Gaitlinburg for family vacation....then a short weekend trip for our anniversary! Its been nice not to have to work but it has de
finitely been a summer on the road.
One sad note about the summer...I have somehow lost my desire to get out my camera and take snap some photos...whats wrong with me??? We have about 2 pictures f
rom the mission trip in Arkansas and 2 pictures from our 2 weeks in Florida. Hopefully I get back on my picture taking craze soon! :) But until then enjoy the FEW pictures we do have from the summer of the Traveling Shorts...

In Arkansas at the "Purple Cow"...We got to have delicious purple milkshakes...yumyum!

One of the girl's groups made us act out 'Tangled'...hilarious!! :)

One of our only pictures on the beach...please ignore the terrible hairdo :)