Friday, January 18, 2013

9 months old

This week we had Eli's 9 month check up - seriously where did these last nine months go and why did they go so fast!?! He is still growing in the 60th percentile in weight at 20lbs 10oz and 25th percentile on height at 27 1/2in. Poor thing gets his height from his mommy and daddy. He just needs about 1 1/2 pounds to triple his body weight by his first birthday - we're right on track! :) SO thankful for a healthy growing baby!
Our little booger-bear is now scooting - he's an army crawler and LOVES to be the center of attention (although this isn't a new trait) wonder who he gets this from? ;)
Just last night we went over to the Watford's for dinner - they spoil us like we're their grand kids - it's awesome. Well Mr. Eli put on a show! He takes about 10 minutes to quietly observe his surroundings and new faces but don't let his somber look fool you - he's just getting geared up. He would hardly let us get a word in between his shouts of joy and his laughter. He loves to fake laugh for attention and squeal and talk in excitement. He was loving all the attention! He cracks me up. I'm so thankful and blessed to have such a happy baby!! He's really only fussy when he's tired but even then he doesn't cry it's just a little wimper. 
This week we decided to cut out his evening nap so our schedule has been a bit different and he's still adjusting. Since about 4 months old he's been a 3 times a day napper. Normally 10-11:45, 2-3:45, 6-6:45 and bed around 8:30. But he had really started to fight his evening cat nap and as much as Steve and I enjoyed dinner by ourselves we thought it was time to drop it. So he's schedules now: wake around 7:30/8am, nap 10:30-12:00ish, nap 2:30-4:30ish bed at 8:15. Hopefully next week we'll be settled into our new routine but it might take a little more tweaking of the times and adjusting. 
At least now we all eat dinner together. I love that Eli has mastered his cute little pincher grasp. It's really adorable!! He isn't a fan of anything slimmy though so he's been a little picky with what he picks up with his fingers. Right now he loves blueberries, puffs of course and wheat toast with fruit. I throw in veggies too but he still enjoys those mainly in his baby food.
Little man has always been babbling - really since around 3-4 months he was cooing and "talking" all the time. Well, he's only gotten more verbal. He's now mastered "ba ba" and his new favorite "da-da". He doesn't quite understand what they mean yet but it's still fun to hear. He is always babbling. Today he crawled/scooted over to our toy box, pulled out a book, laid on the floor and began babbling like he was reading it. It was so cute!! I think he is really smart!! :)
Nothing else too exciting around these parts. I'm still LOVING being home with little man everyday!! He is such a joy...We are so blessed that God has allowed us to be parents to this precious boy!! 
Now hold back the big milestone will be his first birthday!!