Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lots of changes...

Well, lots has changed since my last post (which actually wasn't even that long ago)...we are now residents in Mississippi (well I guess we can't technically be residence since we don't have our own place) but we are currently living in my good ole home state.  Lets do a quick recap.  Several months ago, Steve felt the Lord stirring a change in his heart.  He had been struggling with feeling his call to youth ministry was coming to a close.  We prayed through it and felt we would continue on until we received confirmation...well not a week or two later he was contacted by a Pastor from here in Byram, Mississippi.  Hillcrest was looking for a full time worship pastor. We continued to pray and ended up meeting with the pastor and his sweet, sweet wife.  It was a great time to get to know them both and hear their heartbeat for Hillcrest.  It seemed like such a God ordained thing and timing but truthfully I was not ready to say goodbye to our Calvary church family.  They are by far the sweetest congregation of people and so many have taken the time to pour into us and especially love on our little Eli. So with apprehensions we agreed to cut our family vacation a little short and make a detour in order to view one of their services.  It was a good time and we truly enjoyed meeting a select group of the congregation for lunch...we could feel the Holy Spirit drawing us to Hillcrest.  We continued to pray but felt moving forward was the right move.  From a personal (and probably not so spiritual side of things) I did not want to pack up my house, disrupt my Eli's routine and comforts to move 8 hours away from his first home.  We hadn't been at Calvary long and felt we were just started to really get settled and involved.  I was loving having time with the youth girls and time with the choir was always great. So when we went for view of a call I kinda sorta might have really questioned this whole thing.  On the way to the service that night (when the church would vote on us) I prayed and basically said if this was a God thing we would have at least 98% of the vote...then I took it back realazing I shouldn't put a number on God and just prayed he'd make it clear.  Well of course God did above and beyond what I asked or expected...100%...listen people, this rarely, and I mean rarely happens that a congregation vote 100% yes for someone, so yep its a God thing.  So we packed and packed and packed up our house and moved 8 hours south to Mississippi.  Tonight will be our first Wednesday at Hillcrest and I am anxious and excited for what is ahead of us.  Things haven't been super easy...we don't have a place to live so my parents and grandparents have opened up their home for which we are grateful, I got sick while we were packing with a terrible cough and sinus infection, plus Eli's been sick with a cough and ear infection then had a reaction to the antibiotic (that he's had 2 other times) he's been a terrible eater since we moved and bit more winey, but who can blame him, this is a lot for a 1 year old to adjust to, hey, its a lot for a 25 year old to adjust to.  So we are just praying through it and hoping we can find a place of our own soon, get healthy, and get settled back into our little routine.
On a happy note - my sweet baby boy just turned 17 months.  He favorite things right now are making motor sounds to everything...his car, the broom, his walker. He also LOVES the cozy coupe my uncle just bought for him....he's so cute in it.  He still loves to read and I am so grateful for that and he would literally live outside if we would let him.  He still loves music and dances away when NaeNae's phone rings.  He likes to brush his teeth and is obsessed with looking at all the pictures on the wall...yesterday when we would point to the picture of him on the wall he would then point to himself.  It was so sweet.  But my favorite thing he does is pray.  If we forget at lunch or dinner he put his hands together and looks at us like "hello, aren't we forgetting something".  We say our prayers at night too but lately he's been stalling bed time by asking for more prayers after we finish...he's got us there cause how do you say no to praying right?!? sneaky little man!  Of course we are still throwing fits when we dont' get our way (probably more so now since we are around grandparents that may tend to spoil him a little more than he's used to) but thats part of it.  He's still a little behind on his speech but we are working on it. His new words are: cold and yellow (his facial expression when he says cold is hilarious) Our schedule is still about the same: nap 10:45/11:00-12:20, nap 3:45/4:00-5:20ish bed at 8:30/8:45.  We are close to being down to 1 nap a day but for now we are sticking with two naps and I am not complaining! :) I am so thankful for my Eli and his sweet, loving nature.  He's such a gift from the Lord and keeps us all entertained!! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just an update

Well summer is coming to an end (or so Facebook world tells me as the kids begin complaining of homework, and my teacher friends post pictures of their newly decorated classrooms, so neat and organized). I won't lie, I miss setting up my classroom and the excitement of meeting my new kindergarten babies but nothing beats being at home with my love bug! Actually, I'm getting a little taste of "back to school" as I prepare to start a MDO program at our church. I'm a little nervous about all the little ones and how they will do away from their mommies and I'm the most nervous about my little one and how he will do! Thankfully ill be right there to check in on him, possibly even teach his class but it will still be an adjustment for him to learn how to share mommy. (He doesn't like that idea too much I don't think) it's been hard to get much done for MDO. I have a good 2 1/2 hours of sleep time to clean this disastrous house, shower, and work on MDO stuff so really the cleaning and showering have not been a daily event around here :( at least I've kept up with the dishes and laundry but that's about it. I made homemade lasagna Monday night and homemade blueberry muffins of breakfast hoping to balance out the fact we picked up longhorn and ate at the church last night while I worked. (We love having a gift card to our favorite places). So these next 2 weeks will be crazy busy but I'm hoping they'll go smoothly.

On a happier (less stressful) note, Steve and I got to celebrate our 3rd anniversary about 2 weeks ago. We haven't been to the movies in forever so we opted out of a fancy dinner and went to a movie instead. The Barnard girls kept Eli. He loves them and they are great with him. Plus I feel good about having 2 of them here. We don't get to go out much since we don't have family near to keep Eli so Morgan and Emily have been life savors. I always come back to a clean house and a happy baby boy!
We went to see Grown Ups 2 because we really liked the first one but this one was terrible. I mean it wasn't awful just not what we were hoping for...thankfully we had a gift card to the movies so no money wasted. :) have I mentioned we love gift cards :) the movie ended in time for us to grab a quick bite to eat at my favorite Mexican place. We enjoyed just being out together...nothing fancy for me just quality time! Can't believe it's been 3 years since our wedding day. It was PERFECT! Sure low being married to my best friend! Makes life so much fun!

Now to Eli...he is walking and in to everything. He started walking July 3rd and has been on the move ever since. He's becoming independent which makes me so proud and sad all at the same time. But I love watching him figure out things on his own. He look so proud of himself when he does. He's really not scared to try and climb anything (which scares me!) He's still a sweetie and loves to give huge and kisses. He still loves to cuddle and rock and read books. But he's entered the phase of throwing fits. He's having to learn the hard way that they don't get you what you want. Thankfully he gets over them quickly and moves on (usually at least!)
His favorite things right now are:
**Barney - oh my word he's obsessed! As soon as the show comes on he starts dancing and clapping. He loves it. Sometimes he'll sit and watch it for over 10 minutes! He really loves music so this is the perfect show for him (other than mommy gets all the songs stuck on my head)
**Being Outside - he wants to be outside a lot! He loves playing in grass, going on walks, and climbing in and out of our little pool in the backyard. He also likes playing at the park. He's a people watcher though so if there's a lot of kids he's mesmerized
**Reading books - this is still a favorite and I am so grateful. He likes to read before naps and read on his own. He's a smart boy!
**His hammer - my sister-in-law Natalie and their family sent Eli a little tool set for his birthday. He loves playing with it but recently the hammer has been his BFF! He chews on it, carries it with him, and of course hammers everything he can.
**the kitchen - my child lives to be in the kitchen...pulling out his bowls and cups, saying "ha, ha" (hot, hot) when he sees steam on the stove, opening the fridge and clinging in the fridge and of course helping mommy with the dishes. Last week I learned the hard way that now he can lift the plates out of the dishwasher. Yikes!
**cars - well steering wheels actually. He likes to "drive" our cars and his steering wheel Granny and Grandpa gave him for Christmas. He little walker has a steering wheel on it so he even ask to get in that too. He now can say "veep, "veep" for beep, beep. So cute!
**favorite foods - hotdogs, pizza (toppings only, no wheat), blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raisins, chex, chips, and green beans! We are working on expanding our food choices but its been difficult with his allergies. I'm glad he likes his fruits and veggies though!

Just and update so I can remember this wonderful stage in his life! So thankful everyday that God continues to bless Eli with health. He is a undeserved gift from The Lord!!

Ill have to write about our family beach trip later! It was so much fun though! :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Making Progress

My little man finally decided (at 14 months) that he would brave his first steps today. After weeks and weeks of trying to get him to walk I kinda came to the conclusion that he would do it when he was ready. Well today was the day! I sat him down while making lunch and saw him pick up his foot and place it back down. Steve was home (as he is so faithful and sweet to visit us during his lunch break) we were both surprised as balance hasn't been Eli's strong point up until this point. 
So after lunch I decided to see what a little bribeing would do (yeah I know parent of the year award right?) 
So I pulled out the raisins (I totally have him convinced they are candy) and what do you know, he took a step. Mind you a teeny-tiny baby step but none the less his first step. I don't think I could have been any prouder. Next raisin 2 steps. Of course I texted Steve and he asked for a video. So this mommy did her best to set up a hidden camera cause Lord knows once he sees the camera any tricks he even thought about doing are thrown out the window. And by God's grace I got4 little baby steps caught on video! :) my sweet boy is growing up!! Of course I had to reward him with several hugs, some raisins and some rest time while watching Barney. Yeah that's his new obsession. Now that FreshBeat Band is off netflix (or I cant find it) I've been looking for something that sings a lot. Sweet Eli takes after his daddy and loves music. Now if I ask him if he wants to watch Barney he looks straight at the tv or finds the changer for me (did I mention parent of the year award already? Because of course a good parent lets them watch tv right? the wait till after they're are 2 was not going to happen in our house)
So he braves his first steps and now apparently he'a a big boy. He's mastered crawling up the stairs, everyone with no help, he attempts to climb on and of his train (this is still in progress), he gets in and out or his little chair by himself and today he felt strong enough to climb on top of the dishwasher lid in the 2 second I had turned around to wash a bowl out. Never a dull moment and I LOVE it!! He's reached the point of letting us know what he wants, and by this I mean crying and a few fits. He also knows what "no" and "stop" mean and poor thing has a melt down if he hears these words. He's super sweet though so thankfully this isn't all the time but he has his moments. He'a starting to listen better but it's constantly training them and trying to be consistent. I think that's the hardest thing. I have to pray every day (really should be every moment) for wisdom cause this parenting thing is tough! But I wouldn't trade it for a second. I love my life! My sweet baby and my handsome husband!! So thankful for all God's blessings in my life!

Oh and since no one but my mom probably reads this I want to document his foods so I don't forget one day. Now that we don't do much wheat and no eggs, Eli thankfully is loving fruit. He's still a green bean fanatic and I can occasionally throw in some butter beans and purple hull peas but green bean are the go to around here. His new favs are grapes and strawberries with blueberries and raisins holding steady for the top winner. Turkey and chicken are his meats of choice and cheese and grilled cheese are always on the menu. He sometimes will eat rice noodles with cheese and often potato rounds but still trying to come up with more carb thing that don't contain much or any wheat. It's a work in progress but isn't everything! Baked ziti was on the menu last night and he devoured it! Messy faced cute baby!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A little scare...

This last week we had quite the scare at our house.  I decided to fix Eli some french toast and eggs for breakfast Thursday morning since last time I fed him eggs he only ate a few bites I figured I'd give it another shot.  While eating his breakfast, mind you it was only a few bites, he began to rub his eyes alot.  They seemed to be getting red so I decided to get him out of his high chair and wash his face because I thought he must have had something in his eyes.  By the time I got him to the sink, he started throwing up and gasping.  He looked like he was chocking some and became very lethargic.  I immediately called Steve (who praise the Lord had just left the house).  I'm not sure I even explained what was happening other than he had to get home fast.  He was only 3-4 minutes away so by the time he got home Eli was still rubbing his eyes but thankfully was not thowing up or lathargic. I called my mom because I thought he was probably haven't an allergic reaction but he had eaten eggs before.  She recommended benedryle so we hoped in the car and ran to Walmart to get some baby benedryle.  Thankfully (again) walmart is less than a mile from our house and I RAN in. People in walmart probably thought I was crazy but I didn't care....I had to take care of my baby.  Steve stayed with him in the car but he was fine even though his eyes were still red and a little puffy.  When we got home I called my friend Morgan who is a pharmasist.  Praise the Lord she answered right away The Lord must have spoken to her to answer her phone while she was at work, she immediately said hey and asked if everything was ok. She knows me well :) I told her what had happend and she looked up how much benedryl you can give a 1 year old.  As I went to give it to him, he started throwing up again.  Sorry for the TMI but it was A LOT of puke!! And it was all over him and Steve.  My husband wasn't even phased.  He held his baby tight while I cleaned him up. My hubby rocks!
We knew we needed to call the dr or go to the ER.  The dr had an opening right away - how great is our God!?!?!  By the time we got there Eli was feeling better and his eyes weren't nearly as red or puffy.  Our pediatrician wasn't there so we saw the doc on call.  He examined him and diagnosed him with an ear infection and respiratory infection.  What?? Yep thats right.  He recommended we stay away from eggs but he believed the reaction was due to the respiratory infection.  So we were given antibiotics and sent home.  He had NO signs of a infection.  He was a happy, healthy, no fever or sniffles baby.

Another God thing, when I called to make Eli's 1 year old check up they were booked straight for well visits for almost 7 weeks.  So his 1 year appointment was actually after he was 13 months old.  But it was the Monday after the egg episode.  I really had no intention of telling our pediatrician the whole scenario but in passing I said something about his throwing up.  He then had several questions and felt like it WAS an allergic reaction.  He recommened getting blood work done. 

So my poor Eli had his 1 year old shots then we headed that afternoon for his blood work.  It was the worse thing ever for a mommy's heart.  Let me just tell you....all I could think about were those moms who's sweet babies are in the hospital and pooked and proded every day :( Steve held him but as soon as the 2 lab workers got close to him he looked at me with the most fear in his eyes and helpless face that pleaded for me to rescue him.  Tears burst out of his sweet little eyes...and this was all before they even poked him.  They were just chosing what arm looked best.  I tried to tell him it was ok and mommy and daddy were right there but his heart was scared that these two strangers in white coats and gloves were holding his arms down.  My mommy-ness wanted to knock them to the floor and grab my baby up and kiss him but I had to let them do their job but you better believe the second they were done I pushed them out of the way to grab my baby.  Thankfully he won't remember this experience. I, on the other hand, will never forget that helpless look on his face. 
We opted for some leaf finding time outside before we headed home.  Eli loves to be outside and explore the grass and tress (and when I say explore I mean test-taste :) 

We are still waiting on the egg results but our doc said he tested postive for a wheat allergy.  I have given him things that have wheat in them everyday since he started eating food so this seems crazy to me.  He even had toast and cheerios this morning and has been fine.  I'm praying it isn't correct or that he will quickly out grow this allergy.  Please join with me in praying he will be allergy free!!  My boy is so healthy and if this is all that we will have to deal with in his life, we will just have to deal with it.  There are hundreds of babies dealing with things a thousand times worse and although I'd rather him not have any allergies I am trusting God to help us on this road and give us wisdom as we decifer through all his old favorite foods and pick new wheat-free favorites :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st Mother's Day, 2nd Mother's Day :)

It was funny to think back over Mother's Day Sunday night and compare it to last year (my first Mother's Day). Eli was almost 4 weeks old and it was his very first time to go to church plus it was Steve's birthday. So it was a special day. I remember trying to time everything out just right so Eli and I could make it to church on time and it not be in the middle of one of his feedings. He was nursing every 2 hours so our time span was pretty short.
It's funny how much time last year I spent picking out our clothes. I was starting to fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes except for my top-half (thanks to nursing) so trying to squuez those into my old small dresses was an interesting story. This year I had the opposite problem. Nursing has really helped me burn calories so I am under my pre-preggo weight so it's actually harder to find something to wear now then it was last year. But since I've started weaning Ive already gained a few pounds back so I'll have some clothes to wear soon.
I wasn't nearly as stressed about making it to Chirch as I was last year. Going out with a 1 month old as a first time mom you pretty much bring the whole house. I still have a big diaper bag but I keep it pretty ready so I throw in a sippy cup and a few goldfish and we're good to go! Of course getting a wiggly toddler ready might be a bit more trouble than a "all I can do is lay here" 1 month old :) last year I didn't take Eli to the nursery but there is no keeping this big boy still and quiet for a whole church service so into the nursery he goes. Recently he started crying when I dropped him off. For maybe 2 minutes max but there were no tears Sunday so maybe this little phase is over...we'll see.
Sunday afternoon was a typical enjoy lunch and playtime kinda day. Since we didnt have choir practice Eli got a long nap and we got some chill time. Last year my parents and grandparents came in town. It was really special having them here for my first mothers day. My mom hosted Mother's Day lunch at her new house and I misse being with everybody.
Last Year on Sunday night I stayed home with my parents. I was worn out from church ha! This year I taught our girls bible study and enjoyed having a little cake and ice cream with the youth as an early celebration of Steve's birthday!
Crazy to me how things change in a year but one thing won't ever gratitude to be this sweet, loving, joyful little boys Mommy! I'm thankful everyday God gave me such a beautiful son!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

1 year

WOW - can Eli really be ONE already.  When I say this year has flown by that is an understatement!  I mean everyone knows the first month (or maybe 2) are a blur because you are completely sleep deprived. Thankfully Eli started sleeping much better around 6 weeks, although he still liked to eat every 2 hours during the day he could go 3-4 at night.  I'm pretty sure those days didn't seem to go as fast as the days go now.  I feel like there's not enough time in the day even though I'm home all day with him. 
Now how do I recap the most amazing year of my life, well its impossible, but here are just a few thoughts.
In the beginning...
Eli ate every 2 - 2 1/2 hours around the clock the first few weeks of his life.  He would nurse for at least 40 minutes so I was basically just a milkin' machine. :)  He hardly ever cried and we enjoyed every minute of looking at our beautful, healthy, little baby boy.  I remember when we left the hospital it was such a strange feeling that we were taking a baby home.  It took a few days for it to sink in that this was 'real life'.  I remember how amazed we were at every little thing he did.  I still feel the same way a year later.  Its unbelievable to watch your child grow.  The miracle of life continues every day!  I remember how worried I would be at night for Eli's safety - nothing has really changed there but I'm not quite as bad.  I read a quote the other day that said "I've yet to meet a worrier that had an awesome prayer life".  How true is that! Instead of worrying I just need to pray.  Still working on this!!
After the blur of sleep deprivation wore off I really begin to enjoy/remember every second of being with my sweet baby and finally got into a routine around 2-3 months which was awesome!! I loved rocking him, cuddling him, cooking, cleaning (ok maybe not the cleaning part) but I loved and still love every aspect of being a stay at home mom/wifey. Its simply amazing!!!  I'm blessed that right now God has provided JUST enough finacially for me to stay home this first year with Eli.  I don't know what this next year will hold but praying God continues to provide for us in allowing me to be home with Eli.  Its such a gift to spend my moments with him.  It seems like from about 3 months on till now time as just multiplied.  Someone said the days are long but the years are short but honestly the days are short too.  I want more time with Eli!  Of course there's always cleaning I don't get done but there are fun activities we don't get to during the day too. 
Seems like when Eli hit 3 months life got a billion times easier.  He was a better sleeper, faster eater, and I was able to get things accomplished around the house. He was in a great routine (thanks partially to BabyWise, even though we didn't follow it exactly) Plus he started growing and reaching milestones like crazy! By 4 months he was rolling over both ways and by 5 months he was sitting up by himself.  He sweet little personality really started showing once he got his laugh at 4 months.  The sound of his first laugh is by far one of my most treasured moments of mommyhood!! Nothing compares!!!
It seems like every month he'd do something new and sweet and Steve and I would say "this is my favorite stage". Then a month later we'd say the same thing. I mean you think when you bring that tiny baby home that you really couldn't love them anymore than you do right then. But it's crazy how your love grows. Every day!!!
By 6 months Eli's personality was in full swing...this kid loves attention!! His laugh and smile were, and still are, contagious!! He was still nursing around 4-5x a day and eating baby food.  I made most of his baby food myself which was quite fun.  Later down the road, I would only make certain things myself and started buying store bought.  Geeze we should have invested in Gerber!  He was still napping 3x a day which was awesome! Even though he's never been the best of nappers I loved our schedule and routine.  This little guys is predicable and this mommy loves it!
During Eli's 7th and 8th month we had lots of holiday activity but it was so fun having his first Thanskgiving and First Christmas. It was really special!! I remember being so excited for him to wake up on Chistmas morning! I can't imagine how much more fun it will be in the years to come when he actually knows what going on. :)
After Christmas in Mississippi Eli started crawling, well army crawling, but he could still get to what he wanted. He started finger foods and that was so precious! He seemed like such a big boy feeding himself with those chunky little fingers of his! By 9 months we dropped his evening catnap and were down to 2 naps a day.  It took a couple of days to adjust but he did good.  He was still a nursing machine but only 4x a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bed.  I think nursing him really helped keep him healthy.  His first year of life he was really only sick twice, only one of which he ran a fever.
These last 3 months have literally flown by.  Now Eli is crawling..EVERYWHERE! He's always been a talker since around 5 months and still jibber-jabbers.  He loves to read and I mean LOVES it!! I have a video of him reading to himself.  Something I will always treasure.  Just today I watched him read through his books and smile as he turned the pages.  He's suck a smart boy.  But he is ALL boy!! He loves turning his toys over and 'destorying' them. Just this week he pulled the drawer off of one of our kitchen cabinets....muscle man! I really can not turn my head for one second.  But he's a sweet boy.  He loves cuddling with his mommy before naps.  He's now down to 2 naps a day and yet again he's SO predicable.  10:30-12:00, 3:15-5:00, bed 8:30-7:00am.  Its funny that if I keep him  up for his nap longer than I should while we are reading his book, he will turn his head in to me to be rocked.  I will always treasure these moments.  Yeah, yeah you shouldn't rock him to sleep, but you know what, God gave me this precious boy despite some medical problems and if I want to rock him till he goes to college I will! :) ok I'm only partially kidding but I really do savor every cuddle I get from him.  He loves to give me kisses and loves to fake laugh and be tickeled.
His first birthday was fun! We had a family party at my parents.  I was a little nervous that he might be overwhelmed with everybody but he did awesome! He was, as always, the center of attention. So stinkin cute!! He didn't want his smash cake though but wanted to eat all the tissue paper and wrapping paper.  We were blessed with lots of friends and family that came to celelebrate his special day.  We also got to spend time with Steve's family a little for his birthday.  One of Steve's brother's (and fam) send him a big present in the mail which was so sweet and fun for Eli to open and his oldest brother (and fam) videoed our family get-together and took Eli to the zoo for the first time.  We really enjoyed seeing Eli interact with all this cousins. 
And now to today, I still get sad when I get the 'toddler weekly updates' instead of 'baby weekly updates'.  Thankfully he still loves his mommy! We've pretty much given up baby-food and are on almost all finger foods even though he's not a great eater.  I'm still nursing but have weaned him to just 3x a day.  Soon will be 2x.  I'm hoping he makes the transition well.
Although time is flying by I try to capture each moment in my heart.  I am so thankful for a healthy, joyful, baby boy!! He is precious and such a blessing to his daddy and

Sweet little boy finally dove into a cupcake I made for him on his actual birthday! How can your heart not melt when you see those baby blues!! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The day before...

I meant to post this last Saturday but somehow it didn't it is anyway...

A year go I was 38 weeks pregnant with a terrible cough and cold. I even thought I had strep and had a strep test done the day before only to find out it was not, but all I could take was warm tea and chloroceptic spray. I felt terrible but little did I know what was coming. By that Friday afternoon I was feeling better but Steve was off work so we decided to stay in our PJ's all day and watch movies. What started out with me being sick turned out to be an enjoyble, relaxing day with my hubby. I made tacos and queso for dinner and decided we'd go to bed to watch our final movie of the night. I can't even remember the title but I remember it wasn't very good, kinda silly but somehow I started crying during it (crazy preggo hormones). By the time the movie was over I was a basket case...tears flowing, sobbing on and on (poor Steve didn't know what was wrong with me since the movie was suppose to be a comedy not a sad sob story). Steve and I stayed up late talking, with me crying here and there about not not feeling ready or prepared for the drastic change that was about to take place in our lives. I was ready to meet my precious baby of course, but this sudden since of "I have no clue what I doing" overwhelmed me. I wasn't worried about labor or delivery I was worried about the next 60+ years of having a child to care for, teach, nurture, feed, clothe, bathe, I mean the list could go on and on right! What if I was a bad mom, what if I didn't know what to do when he cried? The questions and worries were endless. Steve, as he always does, calmed me down and we prayed. I think I just needed time to admit I had no clue what I was getting into and how desperately I needed the Lord to lead and guide me. Thankfully, I was calm enough to fall asleep. After all I had another week before my planned induction. We can relax and enjoy these last few days tougher right?
Little did I know as I closed by eyes that night around midnight that in 4 1/2 more hours I would awaken to my water breaking, we'd rush to the hospital and 7 hours later my sweet baby boy would be in my arms...

Friday, March 22, 2013

11 months

WOW! Little man is growing up SO stinkin fast!! I think I have started ever post this way but its just so true! This year has been the fastest year of my life...can't believe we are less than a month away from Eli being 1!  Its makes me so sad that he won't be considered a baby anymore :( but thankfully he's still LOVES his mommy and gives me LOTS of sugar everyday so that helps! :) nothing better than his hugs and kisses!

*I've had Norovirus for a week but PRAISE the Lord, Eli has not gotten it.  I was so sick Steve had to take me to the ER, I've been dehydrated and lost about 4lbs - might be a happy thought for most people but with nursing Eli I barely keep my weight where it needs to be so now its time to pack back on some pounds - but hopefully I can just pack on muscle!
*Eli is talking!  Some weeks all his says his 'ma-ma' then other days you can't bribe him enough to say it.  He definitely has a mind of his own :)  His new favorite show is "Fresh Beat Band" - mommy had to entertain him somehow while I was sick on the couch.  Too bad the songs get stuck more in my head than his! But he loves the music, bright colors, and dancing!
*D'now was about 2 weekends ago and it was GREAT! (Busy but great!) Poor Eli had to tag along to every late night event but he was such a good sport but it has taken about 5 days to get him back on his schedule, for while he was staying up till 10 and sleeping till 10:30am. Good thing I know ministers kids will survive wince Steve and I are both survived! The worship band from Memphis came and we enjoyed some great nights of worship! I think the youth really enjoyed it.  I know I did!
*Valentine's Day - been a while but my friend Hannah came and kept Eli as a surprise to Steve for us to go out to eat.  We really enjoyed going to LongHorn (one of our favorites and our first date restaurant) Its so nice getting time together!
*Eli and I went to Mississippi for a few days while Steve took the kids on a ski trip and had a conference.  Love being with my family and Eli loves visiting his grandparents and great-grandparents just wish we lived closer! 7 1/2 hours is a long trip with a baby!
*Loving life - nothing is better than being at home with my sweet baby boy!  Of course it has its tiring times but they all fade in comparison to the joy of spending every moment with Eli.  I couldn't be happier!  Very blessed to have a man who works so hard so I could enjoy this first year and not miss any of these precious moments!! Blessed that God has allowed me to be Eli's mommy!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

9 months old

This week we had Eli's 9 month check up - seriously where did these last nine months go and why did they go so fast!?! He is still growing in the 60th percentile in weight at 20lbs 10oz and 25th percentile on height at 27 1/2in. Poor thing gets his height from his mommy and daddy. He just needs about 1 1/2 pounds to triple his body weight by his first birthday - we're right on track! :) SO thankful for a healthy growing baby!
Our little booger-bear is now scooting - he's an army crawler and LOVES to be the center of attention (although this isn't a new trait) wonder who he gets this from? ;)
Just last night we went over to the Watford's for dinner - they spoil us like we're their grand kids - it's awesome. Well Mr. Eli put on a show! He takes about 10 minutes to quietly observe his surroundings and new faces but don't let his somber look fool you - he's just getting geared up. He would hardly let us get a word in between his shouts of joy and his laughter. He loves to fake laugh for attention and squeal and talk in excitement. He was loving all the attention! He cracks me up. I'm so thankful and blessed to have such a happy baby!! He's really only fussy when he's tired but even then he doesn't cry it's just a little wimper. 
This week we decided to cut out his evening nap so our schedule has been a bit different and he's still adjusting. Since about 4 months old he's been a 3 times a day napper. Normally 10-11:45, 2-3:45, 6-6:45 and bed around 8:30. But he had really started to fight his evening cat nap and as much as Steve and I enjoyed dinner by ourselves we thought it was time to drop it. So he's schedules now: wake around 7:30/8am, nap 10:30-12:00ish, nap 2:30-4:30ish bed at 8:15. Hopefully next week we'll be settled into our new routine but it might take a little more tweaking of the times and adjusting. 
At least now we all eat dinner together. I love that Eli has mastered his cute little pincher grasp. It's really adorable!! He isn't a fan of anything slimmy though so he's been a little picky with what he picks up with his fingers. Right now he loves blueberries, puffs of course and wheat toast with fruit. I throw in veggies too but he still enjoys those mainly in his baby food.
Little man has always been babbling - really since around 3-4 months he was cooing and "talking" all the time. Well, he's only gotten more verbal. He's now mastered "ba ba" and his new favorite "da-da". He doesn't quite understand what they mean yet but it's still fun to hear. He is always babbling. Today he crawled/scooted over to our toy box, pulled out a book, laid on the floor and began babbling like he was reading it. It was so cute!! I think he is really smart!! :)
Nothing else too exciting around these parts. I'm still LOVING being home with little man everyday!! He is such a joy...We are so blessed that God has allowed us to be parents to this precious boy!! 
Now hold back the big milestone will be his first birthday!!