Monday, August 20, 2012

Much needed update....

Well I am WAY behind on blogging (due to my crazy Samford email having issues, not to mention having a baby :). But I want to catch up so I can look back and remember all these sweet details...let's start with May and I'll try to make it quick...
May consisted of very little sleep for me and my awesome hubby who helped me at night with little man. So with the lack of sleep May is a bit of a blur. But I got to celebrate my first mothers day. Last year I remember worrying about never being able to have kids after receiving my ovary condition so this year was extra special. Steve made me breakfast in bed and him (and Eli) bought me lots of cards (my fav) and a new camera. :) my dad bought me beautiful pink flowers for my first mommy day! Plus my grandparents came in town so it made for a very special weekend!!
Towards the end of May, my sister-in-law came in town for a few days. She cleaned our kitchen, organized our pantry and took the late night shift with Eli. Plus it was nice to have some adult conversation while Steve was at work!
Eli developed a LOVE for bath time but not so much with tummy time. He started sleeping in his crib and did great....still waking up about 3 times but normally sleeps til 9ish so its almost like I got to sleep in haha!
June was eventful. Eli slept through the night right before his 2 month shots but it only got our hopes up...didn't happen again for a while.  But he was SO brave for his shots...I think it was harder on mommy and daddy! He didn't get any fever and wasn't cranky either! Such a good baby! We also had VBS which was a lot of fun. My mom came in town and kept Eli for 2 nights but the other 3 I loaded him in my bjourn and off we went. Steve also took the youth to World Changers in Alabama and we went to stay at my parents where both me and Eli got spoiled!! :)  But it was really nice when our family was back together again!
Eli started really smiling and even gave NaeNae a laugh.  He started to do a little better with tummy time and stretched his eating to every 3 hours and only 2-3 times at night. He also rolled over for the 1st time...what a strong boy!!! He's so smart too and has started grabbing at his toys.
We went on our first family vacation to the beach. It was a ton of fun! Eli met more of my family and even slept through the night one night while we were there. Sadly he got his first cold which was no fun but he was a trooper!
He's become a pro at tummy time and has rolled over a few times. He still grabs on to all his toys and loves to talk to then (especially Freddie the frog on his swing) He is not a drooling champ and tries to put everything in his mouth. He started taking a paci (just at nap and night) and started sleeping through the night on a consistent basis :)
NaeNae and Papa kept him for mommy and daddy to go on our anniversary date which was really nice! We went to LongHorn which was where we had our very first date! :)
Time is flying by! We just had Eli's 4 month check up. He weights 16 pounds, 7 ounces (more than double his birth weight)  He's learned how to roll from his back to his belly now so we really have to keep our eyes on him!  He LOVES to talk and play with daddy.  He enjoys snuggling with  mommy but I'm pretty sure he's a complete daddy's boy! 
I'm still loving every minute of being a's better than anything I dreamed and Eli is the sweetest baby in the world. He greets me each morning with a huge smile and loves to snuggle.
He's still sleeping through the night about 10 hours....he wakes up some but mommy just gives him his paci and he normally falls back asleep. Of course mr paci sometimes falls out which results in mommy scanning the crib in the dark for a clean paci. I put about 3 in there now so we always have one ready! Hes still not a great napper but im just glad he sleeps at night....what a blessing!!!
I am thankful everyday for this blessing God has given us! He is such a gift and joy to our lives. I couldn't have dreamed of a cuter or happier baby!!
No one can fathom the love of a mommy until you become's incredible! Thank you Lord for choosing me to be Eli's mommy and letting me stay at home (for now) to teach him and love him! Help me to show him Jesus everyday!