Monday, August 24, 2009

First of the Last...

Senior year as begun....where has the time gone!!! Can't believe its been 3 years and I'm rounding home...WOW!!! It was hard coming back to school after the adventurous summer at home but one more year and I'm done...YAY!! But I'm trying to enjoy all the "last" things here at Samford - my last move in, my last dinner on the dirt, and my last first day of class! haha!! Graduation will be here before I know it!! :)

Mine and Emily's room!

The girls back together again!

Briana, me and Meredith - friends since freshmen year! :)

William, Ross, and Will - such great guys!

What was suppose to be a roommate picture, Jes jumped in the middle of! haha! He would!

My BEAUTIFUL little and grandlittle - welcome to the blonde diamond family! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just another surprise!

Adam and Amy are ENGAGED!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!! So exciting! He asked her to marry him yesterday - their one year anniversary of their first date :) Right now they are shooting for getting married in either May or June of this coming summer so it will be another eventful summer for the Olivers - my graduation and Adam's wedding! :) Fun things to look forward too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Surprises :)

Since mom's 50th birthday is approaching soon I decided to do a little surprise lunch for her this week - a little pre-surgery celebration!! I don't think I've lied that many cosecutive times in a 24 hour period haha! But it was well worth it to see her excitement when we walked into Newks and 12 of her close girl friends were sitting at the table with presents and balloons! We had a great time and ended the celebration with a YUMMY Strawberry cake - Mom's favorite!! Such a fun day!!!
We also had another little surprise last night! Steve and I were just going to make a wal-mart to get a few things and as he opened my car door there were over a dozen roses sitting there in the car! They were beautiful!! He brought a dozen gorgeous red roses for my mom, white roses for me (my favorite) and roses for my grandmother - who's here helping take care of the patient! How sweet!!! It was SUCH a wonderful surprise and I loved waking up this morning to the aroma of fresh flowers :)
I'm so blessed!!!

Surgery Update

The past two weeks in the Oliver life has been crazy!! But we are so blessed with many friends and family members that have been praying us through this difficult time and we are so thankful for a God who is faithful! We have felt his presence more than ever before! Surgery was on Friday and it was a LONG day! Surgery was scheduled for 10 but they ended up not taking her back til closer to 11:45 which made for a lot of waiting but the surgery went well. By about 1 the surgeon had come up to talk to us....what a sureal feeling - totally felt like I was Grey's anatomy or something! Anyways the surgeon had great news! They think they were able to get the whole tumor and the lumphnodes to her looked negative for cancer. We will find out for sure on Tuesday but praise the Lord for pre-lim good news! Mom took a while in recovery but once she woke up she did really well! She has done pretty good these past 2 days at home and we are so thankful. She hasn't slept well but she hasn't been in too much pain so its a blessing. She's been able to get up and move around and actually was able to take a bath today - sounds crazy to be so grateful for that but we are!! So far she is doing good - as I type she's sleeping in a 82 degree room cause the air just went out in our house - really?!! Thankfully we have another unit for the front of the house! Thank ya Jesus!
We're hoping for great results on Tuesday as we get the final word and finalize a treatment plan! We know our God, the healer, is with us and will never leave us!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thankful for the little things...

We are day 5 of the battle and things are looking up! Thank you Lord! After a terrible head-ache and weekend, Sunday was a much better day for my mom! My grandparents came up on Saturday - against my mother's wishes however, but we thought it would be best to have a little support and a cancer survivor in the house! My grandfather had cancer 11 years ago and even with his artifical leg still plays golf almost every day. I think God used him to encourage mom to get up and fight! Today we found out the surgery (lumpectomy) will be August 14th. She has pre-op this Friday and we will be praying all blood work and test go well and we'll be good to go for next Friday. In the mean time we are living it up (as my mom says!) Of course we are taking it easy but today we were able to go to Hobby Lobby and to Walgreens. Maybe a little sad but I'm so thankful we were able to get out. And Monday we had a BIG day - lunch at our favorite little restaurant on the square, followed by a quick trip to the mall for mom to get a journal and I got a sun-dress, and topped off by a trip to the Vera Bradley store! It was so great to have a girls day with my mom and Meme! My prayer is that it won't be too much longer till we have another girls day but reality says it just might be.
But with high hopes and good attitudes we face this week! Thank you Lord for lifting our spirits for the little things like playing 'banana-grams' with the family! :) He is our strength and shield and the giver of every gift - even trips to the Vera Bradley store and strawberry milkshakes!! :)