Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gift List...

I wish everyone could have just one year teaching Kindergarten....oh the stories you would have...well here are some of mine. First on the list to share: GIFTS! I never knew when a gift would present itself and I could never fully be prepared for what each gift might be. All thoughtful and all here ya go...the LIST:
1. Used Chapstick - Thats right - I said used. It was thoughtful to bring something for nourishment for my lips - maybe she knew I had just gotten married and might have needed some chapstick. :) What a sweet gift from one of my precious girls - and her little gifts may just appear another time on this list.

2. A Snuggie - a great Christmas present from one of my boys - not sure its made itself out of the box yet but I can see it working in the near future if my church doesn't get a hold of its air conditioning....seriously considering taking my blue snuggie to church next week!

3. Bag of goodies - this had too many things to list individually! It was a green paper bag and inside were several unique items...finger nail polish (a very pretty color too), a beaded necklace, used play-dough, a stretchy alligator, and a curly ribbon....enough said! :)

4. A letter - now this was hilarious! One of my girls brought me a envelop "I have a gift for you Mrs. Short' "oh thank you (hug) that is so sweet'. (I look at the envelop and it has her mother's return address on it and its addressed to a lady who lives in Texas) hum..."Sweetie I don't think this is for me, see it doesn't have my name on it. Why don't you take it home since it doesn't have my name on it' 'ok'. Next day, same student: "Mrs. Short I have a gift for you", "oh thank you sweetie" (Same envelope but this time has MRs. ShOrT writing on the front in marker over the other lady's address) "see it has your name on it, its for you' "Thank you, that is very thoughtful of you" :)

5. Barbie doll locker - another sweet gift a blue locker made for Barbie precious Genise said I could use it to hold my pens.

6. Justin Bieber photos - what teacher doesn't need cut out magazine pictures of Justin Bieber right?

The list could go on and on of the pictures and sweet cards I was given but the grocery store is calling my name....

First year teaching...CHECK!

Its was my last day with my Kindergarteners!! It was bittersweet. There are so many precious ones in my class, all with cute and unique personalities. I got my hugs in today and even fought back a few tears. Of course I have my challenging students as well but I am sure they will all be missed! So in celebration of surviving my first year, you can expect my next few blog post to recap a some challenging and successful moments with Mrs. Short's Sharp Bunch!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary Adam and Amy! :)

My brother, who is two years and two weeks older than me, got married two months and two days before us!! So yesterday was their 1st anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary Adam and Amy! Hope the Lord continues to bless your marriage! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Be still...

Today was a hectic Monday!! We have our Kindergarten program on Friday and lets just say we practiced ALL day with ALL 165 little ones!! It was a bit crazy to say the least. So somehow in the middle of telling my babies "hands to your self" "smile" "sing - I can't hear you", "feet to your self" "stand up strait", "no shouting" 'hands to your self, "smile, "sing" - (notice a pattern), well somehow I forgot my verse I read this morning:
Psalm 46:10
“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation.
I will be honored throughout the world.”

So the rest of the day and tomorrow I will do a little better job remembering to just
be still - to find time to be quiet before the Lord, to remember his glory, his renown!
Lord help me to do a better job of just being still and KNOWING that You alone are God!!

St. Croix July 2010
"Be Still"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Newlywed dreams...

One weekend, Steve and I decided to grab some lunch and head to Shelby Farms to enjoy a beautiful Saturday outside. Well, we got a little side tracked and ended up stopping in a new neighborhood at a model home. We pretended we were in market - as we are no where close to that! :) It was SO much fun! It got us really interested in looking at homes - although our desire is not to have a big home just a big family, its still fun to look! (And on a ministers andteacher's salary we know we'll never have a mansion but we do know God will always provide our needs and thats what matters!)
But with that in mind, and a little inspiration from my friend Anna's blog about their dream home, I've taken a time out from grading papers and entering grades to blog about beautiful homes...

If you noticed the trend - I LOVE front porches!!!
I have collection of dreamy kitchens too but those will have to wait another day! Time to spend hang out with the hubby! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday!

Just 25 of the wonderful reasons I am completely in love with him...
1. His love for the Lord!
2. His heart of worship
3. His self-less spirit
4. He always makes me laugh!!
5. His love for his family and mine
6. He has sexy eyes (hey I'm his wife, I can say it!)
7. He tolerates my goofy-ness :)
8. He listens!
9. Our love for a good basketball game
10. He sings 24/7
11. He is the most patient person I know!
12. He opens my car door (its the little things)
13. His hugs!
14. The way he holds my hand
15. He is kind-hearted!
16. His obsession with pizza
17. Pillow talk!
18. His desire to provide and protect
19. He always fills up my car with gas
(Did I say its the little things...)
20. His leadership!
21. His dedication to his job
22. His friendship!
23. His thoughtfulness
24. His love!
25. Our dreams of the next 75 years together! :)

Happy Birthday Stephen Foster! You are such a blessing in my life and I couldn't be more thankful for you! You are the best husband and my best friend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

long post, short post...

So I realized yesterday's blog was massively apologizes! But thats because my hubby was out of town...doing a little camping out and I was home alone for the night.
Short post tonight because he is BACK :) and our evening consisted of dinner at On the Border - my favorite, a quick trip to Ross (I have rubbed off on my husband and he now LOVES finding a good deal too), then we ran to the grocery, great conversation about our marriage being a gift from God, and then to get ice cream! :) A typical great date for us!!
I love my husband and simple but fun nights out like tonight! Everything seems more fun and exciting when your with the love of your life! :) Thank you Lord for the incredible blessing of marriage and for a husband that loves you!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

sweet moments...

Despite a VERY crazy first year teaching Kindergarten, this week has been great! You are probably thinking...oh some of her kids must not have been there this 20 of my babies were there but something was different. Maybe it was my perspective...maybe it was God giving me the patience I so desperately need each moment. It was hectic but enjoyable! Our main project this week was Mother's day!! I had 2 activities planned...first this cute idea I found online...I have to say ours turned out even cuter!
We also cut our hearts to give them to our mom's. I told them to put ALL their love into their heart for their mom so they hugged their hearts....kissed them then neatly neatly wrapped them. It was cute to see 5 year olds trying to wrap a box! :) Here's the precious poem we sent with our box....

This is a very special gift,

That you can never see.

The reason it's so special,

It's just for you from me.

Whenever you are lonely,

Or ever feeling blue,

You only have to hold this gift

And know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it.

Please leave the ribbon tied.

Just hold the box close to your heart,

It's filled with LOVE inside.

The Lord is teaching me so much this year and I am SO thankful for my neighbor teacher Amber. We actually interviewed on the same day and were both waiting for our interview so we made a little small talk. She was so friendly and nice...had only been teaching a year in Memphis City. That day I prayed and prayed the Lord would give me the job he had for me...the next day I got the call that they wanted me!! HALLELUJAH!!!
I didn't know the events that would take place as our numbers began to pile in and my "plan for 16-17' turned into plan for 20-22. Granted there isn't a massive difference between the numbers but when it comes to Kindergarteners adding one or two extra makes HUGE impact. As my numbers in my classroom grow so did Amber's. We finally arrived at school at the beginning of August and Amber was right across the hall from me. She is such a STRONG believer. Her faith inspires me daily as we chit-chat every morning as our kiddos pile in for the day. God knew...even on that day in June...that I would need someone strong to encourage and sympathize with me as with both fight the same battles at school and celebrate the same joys when that last friend finally learns how to tie their shoes. ;)
This week we have been talking about trusting the Lord. We were both waiting to hear if we would be re-hired...things around school have been tense and rumors have been flying of people being let go. Amber reminded me that God was in control...I know that, but sometimes you just need to be reminded...."Iron sharpens iron". So today when I was called to the office for my summative conference my heart didn't sink...although my hands did get a little sweaty. This was the meeting that would determine my next year with Shelby County....she read my facts and figures and handed me my eyes scanned to the bottom category FUTURE EMPLOYMENT: Continue Employment! WOOHOO I wanted to say...however one of our main categories is professionalism and I didn't think that would get me a top score so I just smiled and thanked her.

I continue to learn new things but through one of my morning chats with Amber, God revealed that if things at school weren't so difficult I would be a lot less likely to seek his face moment by moment. I work in a low-income school with over 1100 students who come from very different backgrounds. If things at school were hunky-dorey...and I had the ideal classroom (as if there is one), why would I beg for his strength, patience, protection, and wisdom. I could rely on my own strength...I've been trained...I know what I'm doing. But God knew I needed to be in a place that made me DESPERATE for each breathe and strength to make it through another day. Even though the road hasn't been smooth God has been faithful! Isn't he always! :)
I have 3 more weeks and my first year of teaching will be over! Thank you Lord for my job this year and EVERY experience good and bad that you have brought me through!