Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 Thus Far!

Already 2009 is full of excitement and busyness!! I celebrated New Years in Colorado with the college kids from church then worked at Germantown Elementary in a 1st grade class till I went back to school at the end of January! Then StepSing began!! It was VERY time consuming but the performances were really fun!! I also helped with D'now back in Memphis and went home this past weekend and we got 7 inches of snow - how fun!! Needless to say 2009 has been crazy busy but really fun so far!!
After a LONG bus ride we finally made it to Colorado!
Back to B'ham and back to babysitting! Ireland Grace is TOO cute even with baby food from one ear to the other - yes this is an everday occurance!
Adam and I came home on Sunday to celebrate Dad's 50th birthday!!

StepSing 2009 - Witches!!
D'now 2009 at GBC! I had such a fun group of 9th grade girls!

SNOW!! I was sick with the stomach virus this week so Adam drove me home and luckily I got well enough to play in the snow! It was so much fun! We got about 4 inches on Saturday then 3 late Saturday night so it was great fun!!
An ADPi trip to Macon, Georgia where we were founded!!


l cummins said...

Who is that boy hugging on you? Glad to see you updated for this quarter!!

Ashley said...

Oh you are always worried about these boys huggin on me lol! Relax...he is the youth associate at church and we got to be good friends over Christmas break so we hang out if I'm home on the weekends! :)