Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heading back :(

Well - the bliss of wedding planning and home-cooked meals and seeing my fiance everyday is sadly coming to an end!  I leave to go back to school tomorrow and embark on my final semester at college!! I would have to say I have about a million and one emotions going on this week.  I hate that I'm leaving but somewhat excited about student teaching and step-sing and getting back into a routine.  But I'm not a happy camper about leaving Memphis and doing the whole long-distance thing again :(  I know God is going to use this time to grow both of us individually and prepare us to be married but I can already tell it won't be easy to be apart.  I'm dreading every minute of it!  But thankfully in 185 days I won't have to worry about being apart anymore cause Steve and I will be husband and wife!!! :) I am so so so excited I just can't wait!! I'm trying not to wish the next 6 months away but its getting a little hard!  There's so much to do in wedding planning and job searching but most days I find myself day-dreaming about married life...I'm sad about not having time to day dream once the semester kicks back in haha!! 
Going on with my 'a million and one emotions' I'm realizing how crazy 2010 is going to be...there will be so many last and lots and lots of first!!  Its my last semester of college, my last time to live with a girl (haha), my last time to be in StepSing and the last time to climb 3 flights of stairs and pay $2 to do laundry (PTL!)  and the list can go on and on.  And my list of first....well where do I begin!!! Its such an exciting time and stressful all at the same time.  During our first pre-marital counseling session last night, Keith was telling us about the 4 biggest stressors in life (a new job, getting married, moving, and having kids)  well Steve and I will be experience three of those within the next 6 months...ahhh!!! Job search - check, wedding planning - check, apartment hunting - check - lots on our to do list but we will get it done and hopefully seek the Lord in doing so and stay focused on Him.  I pray this semester I won't be distracted by the things of the world but focus on the things of God and all He has in store and trust his provision and peace during our stressful days and crazy moments!! 

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