Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just an update

Well summer is coming to an end (or so Facebook world tells me as the kids begin complaining of homework, and my teacher friends post pictures of their newly decorated classrooms, so neat and organized). I won't lie, I miss setting up my classroom and the excitement of meeting my new kindergarten babies but nothing beats being at home with my love bug! Actually, I'm getting a little taste of "back to school" as I prepare to start a MDO program at our church. I'm a little nervous about all the little ones and how they will do away from their mommies and I'm the most nervous about my little one and how he will do! Thankfully ill be right there to check in on him, possibly even teach his class but it will still be an adjustment for him to learn how to share mommy. (He doesn't like that idea too much I don't think) it's been hard to get much done for MDO. I have a good 2 1/2 hours of sleep time to clean this disastrous house, shower, and work on MDO stuff so really the cleaning and showering have not been a daily event around here :( at least I've kept up with the dishes and laundry but that's about it. I made homemade lasagna Monday night and homemade blueberry muffins of breakfast hoping to balance out the fact we picked up longhorn and ate at the church last night while I worked. (We love having a gift card to our favorite places). So these next 2 weeks will be crazy busy but I'm hoping they'll go smoothly.

On a happier (less stressful) note, Steve and I got to celebrate our 3rd anniversary about 2 weeks ago. We haven't been to the movies in forever so we opted out of a fancy dinner and went to a movie instead. The Barnard girls kept Eli. He loves them and they are great with him. Plus I feel good about having 2 of them here. We don't get to go out much since we don't have family near to keep Eli so Morgan and Emily have been life savors. I always come back to a clean house and a happy baby boy!
We went to see Grown Ups 2 because we really liked the first one but this one was terrible. I mean it wasn't awful just not what we were hoping for...thankfully we had a gift card to the movies so no money wasted. :) have I mentioned we love gift cards :) the movie ended in time for us to grab a quick bite to eat at my favorite Mexican place. We enjoyed just being out together...nothing fancy for me just quality time! Can't believe it's been 3 years since our wedding day. It was PERFECT! Sure low being married to my best friend! Makes life so much fun!

Now to Eli...he is walking and in to everything. He started walking July 3rd and has been on the move ever since. He's becoming independent which makes me so proud and sad all at the same time. But I love watching him figure out things on his own. He look so proud of himself when he does. He's really not scared to try and climb anything (which scares me!) He's still a sweetie and loves to give huge and kisses. He still loves to cuddle and rock and read books. But he's entered the phase of throwing fits. He's having to learn the hard way that they don't get you what you want. Thankfully he gets over them quickly and moves on (usually at least!)
His favorite things right now are:
**Barney - oh my word he's obsessed! As soon as the show comes on he starts dancing and clapping. He loves it. Sometimes he'll sit and watch it for over 10 minutes! He really loves music so this is the perfect show for him (other than mommy gets all the songs stuck on my head)
**Being Outside - he wants to be outside a lot! He loves playing in grass, going on walks, and climbing in and out of our little pool in the backyard. He also likes playing at the park. He's a people watcher though so if there's a lot of kids he's mesmerized
**Reading books - this is still a favorite and I am so grateful. He likes to read before naps and read on his own. He's a smart boy!
**His hammer - my sister-in-law Natalie and their family sent Eli a little tool set for his birthday. He loves playing with it but recently the hammer has been his BFF! He chews on it, carries it with him, and of course hammers everything he can.
**the kitchen - my child lives to be in the kitchen...pulling out his bowls and cups, saying "ha, ha" (hot, hot) when he sees steam on the stove, opening the fridge and clinging in the fridge and of course helping mommy with the dishes. Last week I learned the hard way that now he can lift the plates out of the dishwasher. Yikes!
**cars - well steering wheels actually. He likes to "drive" our cars and his steering wheel Granny and Grandpa gave him for Christmas. He little walker has a steering wheel on it so he even ask to get in that too. He now can say "veep, "veep" for beep, beep. So cute!
**favorite foods - hotdogs, pizza (toppings only, no wheat), blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raisins, chex, chips, and green beans! We are working on expanding our food choices but its been difficult with his allergies. I'm glad he likes his fruits and veggies though!

Just and update so I can remember this wonderful stage in his life! So thankful everyday that God continues to bless Eli with health. He is a undeserved gift from The Lord!!

Ill have to write about our family beach trip later! It was so much fun though! :)

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