Monday, June 1, 2009

Break-ins and a bucket list :)

Summer is finally here!! YAY!!! Since my mom has been sick for almost 4 weeks now my first several days included house duties - laundry (I don't think my dad understood the laundry process....clothes don't get magically put away by the laundry fairy after the dryer buzzes...we had piles and piles of clothes meeting me at the door, literally, when I got home for college), cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping...I can now get in and out of Walmart in less then 30 minutes...which I view as a talent! But I've really enjoyed being a little home-maker...even sewed on a button for my dad...just call me Martha Stewart!
But my mom and I were suppose to take a mommy-daughter trip to the beach with some friends but after taking her to the doctor in Mississippi and still not results I was forced to fly solo to the beach with the other girls! We still had lots of fun though and thankfully had LOTS of sunshine even though it was suppose to be a tropical storm! Thank you Lord for beautiful weather and sweet friends!!

Being REALLY lazy on the lazy river!

Samford and Memphis buddies :)

The cutest aprons ever!

All the girls!!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our last night :) Sunsets are my favorite!!

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l cummins said...

the best babysitter ever was just a few miles down the, i could've used a night out! glad y'all had a wonderful trip..and you're right...the weather was gorgeous :) hope to see you soon..