Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just two peas in a pod :)

Being our goofy selves!!!! (yes we're in college...but acting like 7th graders is sometimes fun)
Hiking over to west in a monsoon is not too fun!!! But we made the best of it!!! :)

We were kinda excited about our first night of our last rush ever!! Sporting the adpi glasses!!

Ok so this is theme night - and we are both operating on about 4 hours of sleep - explains the half smiles haha!! Gotta love rush! Pref Night - operating on a little more sleep - closer to 6 hours! The room looked so beautiful though and I think we even shead a few tears during our favorite song!! :( Realizing we're really gonna miss our sisters next year!

Bid Day 2009!!!! Ready to meet the new alphas!!

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