Saturday, October 3, 2009

ADPi Mallard Ball!

We had our bi-annual camo party this weekend!! But I have to say, we had a lot more fun getting ready and getting there then we did at the actual party...nothin like jammin with your sisters! But it seems like just yesterday I was begging my big, Barbara, to find me a date to our first pledge bash and hitting up the local salvation army with Vivian to find something to wear for "Talladega Nights". Yet again 4 years later, I found myself at the Salvation Army with my roommate, rummaging through the clothes trying to find some camouflage for my last pledge bash as an ADPi. Since our theme was Mallard Ball, we had to look as hard core as possible so a trip to the Salvation Army and Wal-Mart was a must! And yes there’s nothing like planning ahead, so Friday afternoon at four o’clock, where was I, at Wal-Mart along with the rest of Birmingham and several of our sorority sisters! But it was a fun Friday night and a good memory of my last ADPi pledge bash!

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