Monday, March 8, 2010

STEPSING - saving the best for last!

No we didn't place this year (some could and have said we got pun intended) but our show was pretty good....I'm not biased or anything!!! There were days I wasn't sure I would survive, up at 5:45 school til 4:30, practice from left little time to get adjusted to being away from Steve and the loads of lesson plans and back into the routine of dorm life. But the Lord did help me through - not without many tear fests sitting in the 'date room' (mine and my roommates bathroom that has recently become the hot spot for a good coversation with the men in our life). Neadless to say I love StepSing but kinda glad the hectic schedule has passed - now I can focus on student teaching and wedding planning!!

Here's a few pics from the weekend....

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