Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to Kindergarten :)

Although my first two weeks of teaching was a little rough, I now am sad it is almost over and soon I will be off to 3rd grade. My sweet kids are wonderful and I have learned so much!!! I can definitely see myself teaching Kindergarten - keep praying for that job!!! :)

Here's a glimpse from my Dr. Seuss unit - we had LOTS of FUN!!!

Horton Hatches the Egg!

Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

Favorite character day!!

Such a sweet class!

Working hard on our letter hunt!!

I love nap time!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

super cute Ashley! i love this age : ) looks like you had a great time and did a fantastic job! its funny though, all i can think of when i look at these pictures is how nice it must be to have such a small class size! wow!

Ashley said...

It was so fun!! yeah there were only 17 because its an inclusion class. But it was WONDERFUL! I'm not ready to leave Kindergarten!!!