Monday, June 28, 2010

A new date to await...

Well my sweet fiance' is off leading 2 summer camps over the next 2 weeks...14 days without my man makes me want to curl up in a ball and not move till he gets back...but sadly there are too too many things to do, to lay in bed and wait till my prince comes back... Cinderella has to finish her wedding to do list and begin the major paper-work process for my new job!!!  As sad as I am, its a very strange feeling to think that this is my last 2 weeks as a single gal...yes I'll have a couple more days when he returns but normally I do my wedding and teaching thing in the morning and await Stephen to finish work and we either hang out here, run errands, or head to our apartment for me to nest!  But today, when I would normally be showering and putting on a clean t-shirt for Steve to drive over from work, I sat in the same outfit I put on this morning, no shower, no shaved legs, and my hair in a bun...yes I'm enjoying my last few days of singleness HAHA!  But honestly I wear my hair in a bun around Steve all the time and I would much rather him be here and for me to have to put on a clean t-shirt :( I'm really missing my baby and ready for him to come home...hurry up July 9th!

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