Saturday, March 26, 2011

a little more cozy...

I absolutely LOVE our feels so 'home-y' to me! We couldn't be blessed with a more perfect first home! We were also very blessed with generous wedding gifts that have helped us make our home a little more cozy and fun...for the wifey that is!
Lately we've added a few new things to make our home a little more cozy! :)

These green place-mats we got at one of our showers - I had been using the beautiful brown ones Mrs. Mrok gave us that went perfectly with our dishes. But now that it is spring I have added a little more color to our kitchen table and I am loving it!

My sweet husband also gave me this beautiful clock for Valentine's day...definitely a new favorite around here. Took a while to finally get it hung up but here it is :)
My grandmother also found these a few weeks ago at Michael's for $10.00....she is so sweet to think of us and they matched perfectly with the other green pillows we got at Bed Bath and Beyond with the wonderful wedding gift cards!
Just a few new things and our apartment is even cozier than before!!

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