Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying new things...

Ok, so we've been married almost a year now and I still find myself cooking the same things on about a 2-week basis. Its easy when I know the recipe by heart and the ingredients are almost always on my grocery list! We have about 12 meals that I rotate but no excuse now that its summer. So I pulled out probably one of my FAVORITE wedding gifts...
and decided to try some new things...
Tonight I'm sticking with a main dish that we like...Chicken Roll Ups (we haven't had it in a while and its quick, easy and YUMMY!)

But for desert I'm going to cook Apple Upside Down cake and of course add some ice cream for the hubby! :)
Lets hope it turns out to look this good! :)

Tomorrow night I found a great recipe for potato wedges in my favorite if I could just think of a main course thats different...we always do BBQ chicken but I might turn it into Steve's favorite Rocky Top Chicken from LongHorn or maybe Pork chops...haven't tried that...we'll see!

Just a side can tell its officially summer when I actually have time to blog...about food none the less...I had forgotten what free time felt like! Its awesome!

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