Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Journey to Parenthood....

Today marks 14 weeks of carrying the most precious gift I've ever been given! Since the morning sickness has finally sub-sided (at least for the moment) I decided it was time to blog about our little journey to parenthood!!
Well, Steve and I had planned to wait till after our year anniversary to talk and/or try to start having a baby...well after a lot of prayer and a lot of baby fever we decided to start a little earlier! After about 2 months I was having some pain in my side and made an appointment to see the doctor...thought it would be a good time to talk with them about our desire to start a family!
Well, we got a little bad news at the doctor and she told us we might need to try fertility drugs but to come back in three months. I was devastated! But my sweet husband reminded me of God's faithfulness and that if He wanted to give us a child he would, in his timing provide! So for the next three months we both prayed and prayed, for my healing and for a baby!
August arrived and I called to make my follow up appointment...but no openings for another 3 weeks. Again I was disappointed thinking: oh great waiting longer now.
But our God's timing is PERFECT!!!!!!
I wasn't feeling too good about the 2nd week of August but it was just the start of school so I didn't think much of it....stress was high! Then I was a few days off my schedule...again didn't think too much about it due to the stress of school starting and other health problems. But after 10 days I was getting a little anxious so I decided to take a home-pregnancy test (without trying to get my hopes up). In that 3 minutes I prayed and asked God for faith and strength to trust him no matter what the answer was.
Well - it was positive!! I could barely contain my excitement but I knew with my diagnosis from earlier I couldn't go baby crazy yet. It was bed time so I crawled into bed next to Steve and casually said "honey, I think I might be pregnant". I explained the pregnancy test and my cycle and he was excited but we both agreed we wouldn't get our hopes up until after I went to the doctor the next week. Well, being the impatient person I am, I took another test that Sunday night...I just couldn't wait. And in a matter of seconds...two pink lines!! I was REALLY excited at this point!! So again I casually walked into the kitchen and told Steve that I really thought I was pregnant cause I took another pregnancy test. We were both happy but knew we would know for sure after my appointment Monday afternoon.
Appointment time FINALLY rolled around. I prayed and prayed and prayed for strength for faith AND for a baby!! Well after another pregnancy test the nurse told me "Its Positive". I think I about LEAPED off the table. I couldn't stop smiling!! The doctor was shocked that I was there for my 3 month check up and to talk about fertility drugs and I was PREGNANT!!! It was great to share that we had been praying and are THRILLED to be having a baby!!
Now it was time to tell my husband!! I had told him we would talk when he got home whether good or bad news....the next 2 hours seemed to be as slow as Christmas. I COULD NOT WAIT for him to get home from work. I didn't even try anything cute - I was too stinkin excited. As soon as he walked through the door and ran to him, jumped in my arms and yelled that I was pregnant. We both couldn't quit smiling ALL night!!! He even brought flowers home for me (he must have had a feeling!). By far one of the most exciting nights of our lives!!!
We are INCREDIBLY thankful that despite not having much faith, God decided to bless us and teach us that HE is ultimately in control and His timing will prevail no matter what!! I couldn't be more grateful that the Lord has given us the desires of our hearts despite not deserving them!
So here we go...April 20th we will begin a new chapter in our lives!!

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