Friday, October 21, 2011

First Trimester...

Here you are my sweet little one - only a few days old! I have been praying for you since I was twelve years old. I prayed God would bless me with children and that they would grow to love our Lord and serve him. I know you are so tiny right now but God already as a great plan for you, a plan for you to bring Him glory!

You are getting bigger - this is what you looked like when you were just 6 weeks old. Pregnancy has made mommy really sick but I don't mind. I am just grateful to have you!! I got to see your heart beating today at the doctor. It was one of the most amazing thing!

Here you are at 9 weeks. I was really sick at school today so I went to see the doctor. Thankfully everything was ok - I was really scared but our God is faithful - sometimes I forget! Your little arms are starting to grow. You are the most precious thing I've EVER seen and I love you so much already!

Here you are at 11 weeks! Look how much you've grown! I love seeing your precious face that God is growing and forming. Daddy and I got to hear your heart beat today!! It was AMAZING!!! Best sound I have ever heard!!
You were a wiggle worm though - it was cute!! You had your little foot up and moving around!! You are already a gift to our lives and we both love you! We can't wait for your arrival!

We love you sweet little one and pray for you everyday! We pray God protects you as your are growing and forming inside me! I pray you will have a healthy birth (whenever you decide to arrive) and grow to be the person God wants you to be!

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