Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its a BOY!!!!!

I'm a little behind on the blog world lately....we've had a lot going on (more on that later). But on November 30th....after anxiously waiting and placing our last minute bets on what sex we thought the baby would be we finally made it to the ultrasound appointment. We got to see our baby's little heart, legs, arms, mouth, kidneys....everything looked healthy...PRAISE THE LORD!!! Then she asked if we wanted to see if it was a boy or girl - I think Steve and I both almost screamed YES!!! It was official....we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!! :) We are thrilled!!! Steve was a little shocked because he was determined it was a girl! It was one of the BEST days!! We immediately started calling our family while I waited to see my doctor. Some were surprised while others claimed they knew all along! Steve had to head back to work since it was a Wednesday and I headed to Target to buy our first baby outfit! :) I found the cutest little green shirt that says 'my middle name is handsome' and it goes with the tinest little pair of blue jeans! And of course I bought something has a little teddy bear and says 'mommy's snuggle bear". I can't wait for him to wear it!
We are anxious to meet our first little son and are so thankful that the Lord is growing him and molding him into who he wants him to be!

My dear sweet little boy...mommy and daddy are praying for you everyday! We are praying God continues to grow you into a healthy little baby. We are asking that you have a healthy delivery with no complications and no problems. We are praying you have a sweet and teachable spirit but that you are strong and assertive so you can be the Godly leader that our Lord wants you to be! We are praying you will have a heart that follows after Christ and that you will live your life surrendered to Him everyday. I am praying you will be the leader of your family one day and that you will have wisdom to guide your family in the direction God has for you.
We are praying for ourselves too that we will have widsom as we take care of you and teach you. We are praying God provides the insurance and finances we need to provide for you. We know He is sovereign and we will depend on Him. We can't wait for you to come into our family! We already love you so much and can't wait to hold you in our arms!

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