Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Bees

It seems that when I'm not napping or eating we are on the move these days. Work has been crazy with being out so much during my first trimester, trying to catch my students back up as been quite the task. This is definately a different class from last year! But my morning are always good with wonderful hugs from my previous students...always gets my day off too a good start! Then I have one student who thanks me for every fun activity...cracks me up but its precious. "Mrs. Short - thanks for letting us make clouds." "Mrs. Short thanks for letting us count to 100" "Mrs. Short thanks for letting us color our turkey". He's a trip! I've been trying to be better about leaving after carpool but I still find myself getting home after 4:30 some days...I thought teacher's finished at 3:00 - HAHAHA is all I have to say to that!
In baby news - we find out in 2 weeks if we're having a boy or girl!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! :) I was hoping at my last appointment we might get a sneak peak but I was not quite 16 weeks so we had to wait - guess the Lord is still teaching me patience - I must be a slow learner!
On other matters we have a busy busy few weeks ahead - this weekend is VINTAGE - our annual girl's retreat at the church...should be fun...just praying for energy. Then the next week is Thanksgiving...yummy yummy! We will be making the long drive to Ohio. Can't wait to meet our new little niece Kaitlynn...she will be almost 4 weeks old by then! Once we get back we'll gear up for my best friend's wedding in Mississippi. Steve is singing and I'm the matron of honor. Bridesmaids dress is having to be altered majorly - who knew back in June that I'd be over 4 months pregnant at the wedding HAHA! Then the next weekend we will be back to Mississippi for my side of the family to celebrate Christmas...I'm a little sad it won't be on the actual Christmas day - this will be my first Christmas in 22 years not to be at my grandparents on Christmas day - my first Christmas I don't remember but I'm told we were at our own house! :) I think we will travel back to Ohio to celebrate Christmas but we haven't decided for sure yet...we gotta get on that.
Lots of things happening around here - the biggest being my belly getting bigger :) Steve keeps reminding me to be thankful even though most days I just feel fat haha! I am VERY thankful that the baby is growing and hopefully forming into a beautiful and healthy little one!!

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