Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whatcha got cookin?

I am FINALLY cooking real meals again - still simple as always but SO thankful to be feeling
good enough to be cooking for us! Although Steve did a great job for SEVERAL weeks I have officially taken back over the kitchen!!
Here are some of the super simple meals we've had the past few days! I love how easy they are but Steve seems like them! Anything I can cook quick is great for me - especially while I'm working and when the baby comes! :)

One of my favorite is my cheesy bacon chicken....I put some veggies and rice with it call it yummy - plus it only takes 30 minutes and its so flavorful.
Salt and pepper chicken, wrap in bacon and cook for about 25 minutes on 350 then add some swiss or motzerella cheese and cook for 5 more minutes - easy and good!

We enjoyed the family favorite of pigs in a blanket last night - couldn't get easier than that and we both love it!

Tonight we had good ole BBQ chicken, cubed potatoes, green beans, garlic cheese bread, and mexi-corn cause the pregnant momma was craving it.
Obviously this is not a picture of our actual food but it was close!
Lost of yummies on the list for the rest of the week...
Beef Strogonoff, Poppyseed Chicken and my hubby's favorite sloppy joes!
We are simple around here but it works for us and I'm just glad to be able to cook again even if its uber simple - hubby and baby like it and thats all that matters! :)

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