Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New adventures....

So I was sitting here reading an update from everyone else's blog I realized I never blogged about our Christmas. It was great but not our traditional Christmas (which will change next year when the baby comes along). Since Steve had to be at church for both the Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services we decided to pretend Christmas was on Tuesday. We spent actual Christmas Eve and morning with our Memphis family - the Roberts.
Here we are at the Roberts showing off our bellies :)
They were so sweet to welcome us into their home and share their traditions with us. After a yummy Christmas morning breakfast we headed to church then another delicious meal with the Roberts. After eating for two :) we loaded up and headed to my grandparents. I was SO happy to be with my family. We enjoyed a relaxing night with yummy foods and finished up some gift wrapping.
Christmas Eve - 5 months pregnant!

On Christmas Eve we woke up bright and early and enjoyed another relaxing day in the woods and of course ate lots of yummies! Soon we started to smell the aroma of our Christmas dinner and the rest of the family started to arrive. We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and played dirty Santa. Christmas morning was filled with lots wonderful gifts followed by our traditional homemade biscuits and bacon - have I mentioned I LOVE eating for two during the holidays! :) Christmas afternoon is one of my favorite days cause we sit around and play cards ALL day and eat of course! It is such a blessing to spend time with my family - but we did miss Adam and Amy - they were in Virginia this year. Hopefully next year we will all be together for Eli's first Christmas! :)
Since Christmas we've had a whirl-wind of events. Steve announced to the youth that Wednesday the the Lord was leading us to a church in Bowling Green, KY for him to be the music and youth pastor. It is always hard to say goodbye but we are VERY excited about this new opportunity of ministry. There are of course lots of anxious thoughts with me being almost 6 months pregnant and trying to find a doctor, a place to live, and countless other things before the baby comes but we are packing up and moving out. I taught for a week in January before taking off to start the packing process. It has been a HUGE undertaking trying to pack while pregnant. Steve has been so patient as he is getting the rough end of the deal - I think I call him about every 5 minutes to come pick something up for me or move some boxes. But we are starting to see a small light at the end of the tunnel as we finish rooms and tape more boxes...we still have a lot to do but we will get there - eventually haha! Well actually we will get there by Friday because the movers will be here bright and early at 8am to load us up and move us out.
And this isn't what our apartment looks like YET but I have a feeling it will soon! HAHA!

So here's to the new adventures of 2012. Please be praying for us as we embark on this new ministry and a new stage of life with our little one arriving in a couple months. Lots of exciting adventures ahead! :)

Here we are on moving day - looking a little rough and a little sad to be leaving our very first home as husband and wife...

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