Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Bump - can call it a bump when its this BIG? :)

With the move and all I have fallen WAY behind in updating picture of my beautiful baby boy growing inside me. They say he will gain about a half a pound every week from here on out...lets just say I am bigger than every with 8 weeks to grow. Brace yourselves...next time you see me I am sure to be even bigger :)

Here we are at 27 weeks! You are getting bigger - 2 pounds to be exact - well give or take some ounces here and there! You are moving all around in my belly! Its SO much fun to feel you move and kick! Sometimes you will be moving so much and as soon as I call daddy over to come feel you stop...you little trick-ster you! :) Dad likes to talk to you a lot! It probably sounds pretty muffled in there but we enjoy it anyways! You gave mommy a little scare this week when you stopped moving for almost 2 days. We tried everything, singing to you, talking, orange juice, cookies, and you didn't budge. We ended up going to the doctor where they checked your heart beat. Never heard a more precious sound in my whole life. I had been so worried. Once again God was trying to teach me to trust him that He is sovereign and has a plan.
Keep growing little Eli - we love you and can't wait to meet you soon!

Here's daddy wanting to take a picture of his preggo belly - not as big as mommy's though :)

Happy 30 weeks Eli! Can't believe we are just 10 weeks away from seeing you precious little face. We now live in what will be your very first home! Daddy and Papa Bear painted your room a beautiful blue last weekend. It looks great! I can't wait for you to see it! You have definitely grown these last few weeks and mommy has too. I know we are on the countdown! You are not about 3 pounds - so small and so cute!! You even get the hickups some times and I love it! I know you probably aren't a fan but it makes me giggle a little. You seems to always get them at night or early in the morning.
You are really loving chocolate these days - well Mommy mainly is but I think you like it too! :)
We are enjoying seeing my tummy move and jiggle as you roll around. Enjoy it because space will be very limited from here on out my little fellow :)

Here we are before our first doctor visit in Kentucky. Your heart rate was 164 - a little higher than last time but that's because you we doing your exercises before she checked on you. Its always good to hear that sweet noise.
Next visit we will get to see you on a ultrasound....we can't wait!! :)

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