Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life in Kentucky...

WOW - have we really been in Kentucky for over a month?? It has really flown by!! Since internet time is limited (we don't have internet at the house yet...good ole AT&T who refuse to answer my sweet husband's phone calls)...I've decided to make a quick list of the last 5 weeks in Bowling Green to sum it up...
1. The people at Calvary are seriously the sweetest church family you could ask for! I missed a Sunday due to nerve pain in my back and I bet I had 30 people ask me how I was feeling and tell me how much I was missed - seriously one Sunday and these people want to bake you a cake or is awesome!! :) We have LOVED getting to know so many families!
2. POT LUCK - we've had at least 4 since we've been here....good thing I'm pregnant and have an excuse to go back to the serving table 2, ok maybe 3, times. They are the BEST cooks!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
3. I learned to sew - thats right just call me Martha Stewart! A group of older ladies from our church were getting together to sew pillowcase dresses to send with our pastor on his trip to Hati. One of the sweet woman let me use her machine and showed me how to sew all by myself....I was pretty proud of my accomplishment and one sweet little orphan in Hati has a new dress :)
4. Our house is great - I've even mastered climbing the stairs with a belly - I can almost make it up them without losing my breath - if you've ever been pregnant you know what an accomplishment this is! Just don't make me go up them two times in a row and we're good! We still have some boxes to unpack that are in the garage but we'll get to them eventually - we finally have a free weekend coming up so maybe we will tackle it then!
5. Valentine's Day ROCKED!!! My husband is SO creative and thoughtful - we agreed not to do big exchanges this year as we are saving for a washer and dryer but that didn't stop him from being creative...I woke up to find a card on the kitchen counter that had a cute clue inside that led me to find double stuffed oreos and another took me to a while to figure out the next clue, but when I did I found a dozen roses hiding in our guest bath - they smelled GREAT and their was another clue that led me to our fridge where I found chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!! He knows how to make his wife feel special thats for sure! We went to Olive Garden which is my favorite restaurant and we haven't been since I got pregnant...couldn't handle Italian food till now. After dinner we headed to the mall and bought me LOTS of jelly beans to fix my pregnancy craving then went to the movies! It was a WONDERFUL night!! :) I am so blessed to share my life with such an incredible man. Guess next year we will be hiring a babysitter for our Valentines Night out :)
6. BABY SHOWER - last weekend my parents drove up and we set off for Ohio for my baby shower. Poor Steve didn't get to go but he enjoyed leading his first youth trip to Indiana for a short ski trip. They had a great time and he came home to LOTS of baby stuff. It was a wonderful shower and it was great seeing my in-laws! Pictures to come!
7. OUR BABY IS GROWING!! Our little man is getting bigger and so am I :) although there has definitely been a few discomforts this last trimester I am incredibly grateful that God has allowed me to carry him this far...only 9 weeks to go! I can't believe it! I have my 1st doctor's appointment in Kentucky tomorrow. I'm anxious to meet our new doctor...please pray it goes well. Eli seems to be moving around all the time in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and then again at night. He LOVES when I eat chocolate or drink orange juice...he goes crazy :) And Sunday mornings are his favorite time to do his exercises...last Sunday his foot stuck out the whole service :) can't wait to see his little toesies soon :) We are thrilled that God has answered our prayers and given us a baby - I try to remember that when I'm having a hard time sleeping or have to get up 3 times to go the bathroom during the night but its worth it. Its a priveledge and blessing and i dont' want to forget how much we prayed that we could get pregnant and here we are counting down to his arrival. Isn't God good!!!!!!

Hopefully I will be able to upload pictures VERY soon of my baby belly and our new apartment! And soon I will be uploading pics of a precious baby boy!! Stay tuned....

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