Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One last post...

Ok this is it...my last post before our little blessing arrives in T-minus 9 days! Thats right people....after a great check-up Monday, I randomly asked the doctor how late she'd let me go before she induced me. Well, to my surprise she said I can be induced in my 39th week - HALLELUJAH!! Eli was measuring on the large end of things (my precious little football player) and since I've already dilated 2cm she said she'd induced me on the 20th IF I haven't had him by then. I'm praying he comes before but will be so happy to have him whenever he arrives!
Since he's measuring big I've been trying to watch what I eat - pretty sure he's sucking every ounce of nutrition from me since I've only gained a pound in the last 2 weeks but hey I'm ok with that. I might have treated myself to some ice cream yesterday though after hearing such good news...shhh don't tell! :) Last night my mom had a dream Eli weighed 15 pounds - hey thats more than half of what I've gained so that would be impressive HAHA! I don't think he'll be THAT big...my guess is 8'1 and Steve's guess is 7'11. We will see who's closest - loser has to change the first diaper! :)
Night before last we went on one of our many walks and even a jog at one point, pretty proud of myself even if it was less than 30 feet haha! You try jogging with a 29 pound basketball in your belly :) It was so nice to recap on what a blessing this pregnancy has been. I was SO sick my first trimester and it seemed to last forever! I was worried and nervous about every ache and pain but SO thankful when we reached the 15 week mark and our chances of a miscarriage went down. I told Steve one of my goals during these first few weeks after the baby comes is not to complain about being tired or sleepless nights or aches and pains because there are hundreds of woman out there who can't have babies and would give anything for those sleepless nights. So here's to holding myself accountable on that end of things!
My 2nd trimester was awesome! It was during Thanksgiving and Christmas so I ate whatever I wanted - it rocked! :) What better time to be eating for 2! I felt pretty good most days with just a little dizziness and a few aches here and there. My 3rd trimester has been pretty good too. I went for a few weeks with bad back pain from my sciatic nerve but thankfully at week 35 it got SO much better and I began nesting. These last 2 weeks have been WONDERFUL! Of course I feel big but I'm still able to move around, get up and down, and even tie my shoes (well Steve helps sometimes :) I can still sleep pretty good, just about 5 bathroom breaks during the night but then I'm right back to sleep. Apparently my body didn't get the memo that you aren't suppose to sleep good during the 3rd trimester so I'm stocking up :)So now we are in the home stretch - 9 days to go if not less! Praise the Lord! We can not wait to meet our precious baby! I am beyond excited!! The nesting has been fun but I'm probably not quite as put together as some people, I am soaking up the quiet of sitting outside by myself or laying in bed when I wake up in the morning. I think the nesting has hit my mom more than me haha! She has really helped me with Eli's nursery. Both my parents came up last weekend and helped us put the finishing touches on it...

With that, here is my final farewell - not too sure how good at blogging I will be once E-man arrives but I'm hoping to use to it capture the wonderful adventure that awaits us! :)

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