Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Eli David Short

I can't believe that our little bundle of joy has arrived!! He is absolutely PERFECT!  We are almost at the 1 month mark so its about time I record his birth story before the lack of sleep catches up to me and I forget :)
Let's start with Wednesday, April mom drove up to help me do a deep clean of the house before our induction that was schedule for the 20th.  But after she left I began feeling terrible.  I got a terrible belly ache and my sinuses when crazy!  I ended up missing church and was in bed all day Thursday thinking I had strep throat.  I had to go to the lab to get some test run but praise the Lord I didn't have strep.  Steve took off Friday to nurse me back to help.  We ended up renting some movies and enjoying the day in our PJ's...looking back it was a blessing that we got to spend this last day with just the two of us.  By Friday evening I started feeling better and even cooked some mexican for dinner.  We then climbed into bed and watched one more movie.  We went to bed about midnight with me feeling fine.  Around 3am I made one of my nightly visits to the restroom...still feeling just fine.  Around 3:50am I woke up again and heard our neighbors outside and seconds later my water broke!  I quickly woke Steve up and told him I "thought" my water was breaking...he asked if I was sure but hey I'd never been in labor before so no I wasn't sure but pretty sure haha!! We both jumped up and got things together. I was SO SO excited!! Its an unreal feeling to know you're about to meet your baby!  Despite being 2 weeks before our due date we pretty much had everything packed.  I had a list on my phone of the last minute things we needed to add.  Steve got a quick shower, I called my parents, and we were off to the hospital.
We got to the hospital about 4:15 and they checked to make sure my water had broken...we called Steve's parents and mine and they both quickly got on the road.  Up until this point I didn't think I was having contractions but shortly after they hooked me up to the monitor my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart, I was dilated 2cm and 80% effaced.  My goal was to go without an epidural so I was anxiously awaiting the next several hours and what they would bring..
My parents arrived around 6am and it was a blessing to have them there! What a huge support!  I was bracing myself for the long hall as my contraction were getting harder and closer together...the whole "breathe through it" wasn't working too well :)  Around 9am I was 6 centimeters and decided I wanted the epidural to make it through the last few hours of labor and pushing.  The epidural was a nice relief despite having it not take full effect on my left side.  The next few minutes seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was 9 1/2 centimeters and they were calling the doctor and getting me prepped to push.  By 11am it was time for the work to begin...bringing our little boy into the world.  When I began pushing, Eli's heart-rate started going down.  The nurse immediately called the doctor and Steve and I prayed....the next push his heart-rate stayed strong and we were good to go!  My contractions started to slow down while I was pushing but praise the Lord after about 20 minutes our little man arrived!  11:29am!
The whole process was amazing!! I prayed and prayed for a speedy and healthy vaginal delivery and God answered our prayers...4am-11:29am seemed too good to be true but it was the Lord's strength and blessing that helped everything go so quickly and smoothly!! I could not have asked for a better or easier labor (not that it was easy but it could have been much harder, complicated, and longer).  I was VERY blessed!!
After they cleaned little man up, I got to hold him in my arms! Not a better feeling in the whole wide world!! :) Wish I could relieve it everyday!  Eli's eyes were wide open when they were cleaning him up...he's already so smart and curious about the world around him.

You came home on Monday, April 16th and Granny and Grandpa helped us get everything settled.  Our first week home was tiring but wonderful!! It is so nice to be out of the definitely feels a little more real being able to have your in our home.  You are such a sweet baby! You are sleeping A LOT and you hardly ever cry.  We are very lucky!!  After Granny and Grandpa left on Monday night, NaeNae came and stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night and she was a HUGE help!! We really love having you home...its surreal! At our 4 day weight check you had gained an 1 1/2 ounces so you are eating good.  Mommy is really thankful since I am nursing.  What a relief!

 Our 2nd week at home has been just as good!  We are getting a little sleep deprived since you eat every 2 hours but you are still such a sweet and calm baby.  Daddy loves coming home from work and holding you.  I think you really like it too!! You've started to cry a little more when you have a dirty diaper or when you're hungry.  You like to hear daddy sing and you really like cuddling.  Your umbilical cord fell off this week and mommy freaked out but you were ok with it.  It sure has made things a lot easier not having to worry about that! 

You made your first trip to NaeNae and Papa Bear's this week to meet Uncle Adam and Aunt Amy.  It was mommy and daddy's first little road trip with you and you did amazing!  You didn't even make a peep. You love your carseat - Praise the Lord! At your 2 week appointment you weighed 8.09 and were 20 1/4 inches long. 
You are SO healthy and really growing!  The Lord is watching over you and helping you grow big and strong!

Week 3!  We are starting to get into a little bit of a routine...still working on that!  You now go about 2 1/2 hours to eat and sometimes even 3 hours.  You get a little fussy when you're tired but you are still a doll.  I can't believe how fast you are growing.  NaeNae still comes to help us on Mondays and you love when she visits.  You enjoy talking to her and looking around the house.  We started tummy time this week and I think you like it!  You also LOVE bath time now and its SO cute. Its mommy's favorite time of the day!

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