Monday, September 24, 2012

Flying By...

I have never in my life experienced moments flying by so fast as these last few months and weeks have gone.  I seriously still can't believe its September, and just when I wrap my head around that, I'll turn around and it'll be October and my sweet baby boy will be a 1/2 a year old.  Please, please someone tell me how to slow down the clock!
Everyday I am incredibly grateful that God decided to bless us with a sweet baby - sometimes I'm still in shock that is real.  I couldn't love him any more!  He is such a blessing to me and his daddy.  Some people might think our life is boring, the same routine day after day with the biggest excitement being our family trips to walmart or our  family dinners at the table when we ALL (even Eli) are on the same dinner schedule.  But its what we've both always wanted and what we all love!! There really is nothing better than being a family!  I am so blessed!
Here's a quick peek into our daily routine although not everyday is this perfectly planned and of course with a baby not everything goes according to schedule (which drives this mommy crazy but I'm adjusting).  Especially this week - I have shingles so my mom is here helping us out a day or two but MOST Mondays go as follows:
7:20 (on the dot) - I wake up to the sounds of a little boy talking to himself in his crib and occasionally in our bed if he wakes up a few minutes before and mommy just needs 5 more minutes!
After a little talking and lots of smiles we changed a super wet diaper (since Eli sleeps through the night) and off to breakfast - a little milk followed by cereal (which he just started and LOVES) Eli likes to swing while Mommy eats her breakfast.  Then we play a little on our mat and a few diaper changes here and there.
Before we know it, its morning nap time which usually involves a little cuddling and some napping from mommy every now and then when there's not as much cleaning to be done (which is never but sometimes it can be procrastinated).
By 11:30 Eli is ready for a nice lunch. Soon after Eli eats Daddy comes home for lunch -  we are so blessed that Steve can come have lunch with us and play with Eli for a few minutes!  Its the highlight of our day!
1:15 - afternoon nap! Nap is followed by a snack and lots of play time as we await daddy coming home from work.
Eli takes a quick cat nap while mommy fixes dinner then we all eat - I love having Eli in his high chair with us as we eat dinner - so much fun!
The evening consist of Mommy and Daddy discussing the day as little man plays but of course most nights we are all on the floor playing together.  Its not much of an evening before its bath time - we might as well all get in our swimsuits cause little man LOVES to kick and I usually end up SOAKED from head to toe!  PJ's on, goodnight kisses, and a bedtime snack, a few cuddles (ok a lot of cuddles) then its off to bed and Mommy and Daddy debrief and prep for the next day.
Our life is pretty schedule of course there are PLENTY of days things dont' go according to this plan but our life is still WONDERFUL!  I am SO blessed and LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy!! Nothing is the world is better other than being a wifey to a wonderful hubby! :)
But somehow our days seem to go faster and faster!  I can't believe how big Eli is getting...
-He's eating cereal now
-He's sleeping though the night (has been since 3 1/2 months)
-He's rolling over
-He's laughing
-He's talking (baby version of course)
-He's almost sitting up
-He's grabbing toys
I mean the list goes on and on - seems like just yesterday all he was doing was sleeping and pooping haha now our days are full of smiles and laughter and I love it - just wish things would slow down a little!

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