Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 5....

Top 5 things this week (and its only Wednesday - might have to change it to top 10 by Saturday but gotta blog when I have the time)....

1. Despite having shingles and not feeling too great I LOVED going on a quick date with my hubby to one of our favorite restaurants - LongHorn!
Its pretty special to us since thats where we had our first date.  It was kinda nice to be able to put on make up and do my hair instead of the normal tshirt with spit-up on it :) We grabbed dinner then went to Best Buy - one of Steveo's favorites.  It was a quick date but a much needed and fun one! Love spending time with him!

2. Little man is starting to sit up by himself - just another sign he is growing up WAY too fast!! I have to say he looks so cute playing with his toys from the sitting position now! What a big boy he is!

3. Its premier week on TV which means all the shows that Steve and I have seen advertised for weeks are finally coming on!  We only have one channel so we've seen the same commercials over and over and over! Let's just say we're glad its premier week! (and I love DWTS!!)

4. Feeding Eli cereal has become one of my new favorite times of the day - besides bath time of course!  He is so stinkin' cute and LOVES eating!  I will post a video and picture soon!  Its way too cute not to share with the world! Yeah, yeah I'm biased but seriously he's cute!

5. My mom came to visit this week (since they now live in Mississippi).  Its been so nice to have some company and Eli loves his "Nae-Nae".  She also has taken care of laundry and dishes while I have shingles - I sure love when the laundry fairy visits - she's awesome!!

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