Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The most busy time of the year...

All of my life December has been the month of the Christmas program. With my dad being a worship pastor in a rather large church most of my life it was a huge production followed by 5 performances. It was something I always looked forward too. I can recall the many late night rehearsals my dad would have and hearing the songs played in our house over and over. It's just not quite Christmas without the hussle and bussle of all the choir practices, costumes, and seating charts. :) And now the crazy Christmas catata tradition is being passed down to Eli. Poor thing has been at the church 5 of the last 7 days which probably account for his first illness :( little man got his first fever yesterday and we went to the doctor today and found out he has hand, foot, and mouth. Thankfully he doesn't have a rash or blisters on his hands and feet but he does abe them in his mouth. But he's being such a good sport about it. Mommy on the other hand hates seeing my baby sick. But it sure has made me thankful for his health. He's almost 8 months old and this is his first fever. Even with shots his fever hasn't ever been over 99.2 so when it hit 102 yesterday this mom was a bit panicky - I think I had every type of juice out we had as about 10 cold clothes trying to cool him off. I might have gone over board a little bit but just trying to help my sweet baby! :) On top of Steve's fest Christmas program at Calvary, our church is trying to start of Mother's Day Out program an I've been asked to coordinate it. Needless to say we are all quite busy around here but we're busy because of great blessings and for that I am thankful! But for the next few days I'm going to spend the next few days nursing my sweet little guy back to health and helping his daddy get ready for our program. I'm also the designated secretary, prop creater, and costume coordinator - those at my side jobs...no big deal! Now if only Santa could deliver a maid a little early I'd be set :) my house is a wreck BUT I'm gonna keep sitting here rocking my little one and and try not to worry about the 3 new piles of laundry that need to be folded. At least supper is in the crockpot and laundry will always be here tomorrow!

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