Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eli's First Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had in Ohio this past week. We haven't been able to travel to Brunswick since we moved to Ketucky and had Eli so it was really nice to spend a whole week with family. I'm so lucky to have awesome in-laws that treat me as one of their own - I have the best sister-in-laws and it's never a dull moment with my brother-in-laws and Steve's parents are great!!
Here's a recap of our adventures in OH 
We drove the 7 1/2 hour drive on Monday and Eli did freakin awesome - I have the best baby in the world!! He slept almost 4 hours (2 naps) which was over half the drive. When we got there we stopped at Steve's oldest brothers so I could feed Eli and ok honestly I wanted to meet my new niece Whitney - what a sweetie!! We only stayed a few minutes then off to his parents to get settled in and Steve's other brother and fam came over. It was fun hearing about their reaction to having TWINS and it was cute to see Kaitlynn and Eli together (they are about 6 months apart). 
Tuesday was pretty chill which was nice after our drive but we got to go see the new church which Steve had been exited about for weeks. We had church on Tuesday night and it was good to see some people. Wednesday was a fun day at the outlet mall with Steve's brothers. We shoppe a little (we both got new shows and Eli a few things) and we road the little train with everyone. It was a warm and gorgeous day! Perfect for being outside! That night all the siblings and fam came over for our gift exchange - it was a bit crazy but fun!! Eli loved all te attention - lots of his cousins wanted to hold him even Alaina and part of me thinks she doesn't weigh that much more than him - so cute! We are blessed to e apart of such a loving family! 
Thursday was Thanksgiving day - Eli got to watch hi fort Macy's Day parade and hear about when his mommy was in the parade. We played outside that afternoon because it was beautiful!

Steves grandparents came over that evening for dinner - we had a ton of food!! It was great for Eli to get to meet his other great-grandparents too!!

Santa decided to come a little early and deliver some presents in Ohio for Eli! He got some fun new toys and new clothes!! But he REALLY liked the paper that everything was wrapped in :)
Friday was pretty chill too - we did venture out to Khols but the lines were so long we went back and just ordered things online :) We went over to Steve's sisters new house Friday for pizza and that was fun! Saturday was football day - we went back to Dave and Kara's o watch the Ohio State game - go Buckeyes!! Sat night was chill since Steve and his parents had to get ready for church - Eli enjoyed just watching cartoons since we don't really get many tv channels here. Sunday was church - they have such a nice nursery I know Eli had fun! We had lunch with some of the fam and spent the afternoon watching football. We had one final night with the family Sunday night since we didn't have church. It's always do hard to say goodbye after a great week! Really hoping w can head back up there this spring even though I know we won't e able to stay a week! W sure are thankful for previous time with loved ones!!

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