Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st Mother's Day, 2nd Mother's Day :)

It was funny to think back over Mother's Day Sunday night and compare it to last year (my first Mother's Day). Eli was almost 4 weeks old and it was his very first time to go to church plus it was Steve's birthday. So it was a special day. I remember trying to time everything out just right so Eli and I could make it to church on time and it not be in the middle of one of his feedings. He was nursing every 2 hours so our time span was pretty short.
It's funny how much time last year I spent picking out our clothes. I was starting to fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes except for my top-half (thanks to nursing) so trying to squuez those into my old small dresses was an interesting story. This year I had the opposite problem. Nursing has really helped me burn calories so I am under my pre-preggo weight so it's actually harder to find something to wear now then it was last year. But since I've started weaning Ive already gained a few pounds back so I'll have some clothes to wear soon.
I wasn't nearly as stressed about making it to Chirch as I was last year. Going out with a 1 month old as a first time mom you pretty much bring the whole house. I still have a big diaper bag but I keep it pretty ready so I throw in a sippy cup and a few goldfish and we're good to go! Of course getting a wiggly toddler ready might be a bit more trouble than a "all I can do is lay here" 1 month old :) last year I didn't take Eli to the nursery but there is no keeping this big boy still and quiet for a whole church service so into the nursery he goes. Recently he started crying when I dropped him off. For maybe 2 minutes max but there were no tears Sunday so maybe this little phase is over...we'll see.
Sunday afternoon was a typical enjoy lunch and playtime kinda day. Since we didnt have choir practice Eli got a long nap and we got some chill time. Last year my parents and grandparents came in town. It was really special having them here for my first mothers day. My mom hosted Mother's Day lunch at her new house and I misse being with everybody.
Last Year on Sunday night I stayed home with my parents. I was worn out from church ha! This year I taught our girls bible study and enjoyed having a little cake and ice cream with the youth as an early celebration of Steve's birthday!
Crazy to me how things change in a year but one thing won't ever gratitude to be this sweet, loving, joyful little boys Mommy! I'm thankful everyday God gave me such a beautiful son!!

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