Sunday, June 9, 2013

A little scare...

This last week we had quite the scare at our house.  I decided to fix Eli some french toast and eggs for breakfast Thursday morning since last time I fed him eggs he only ate a few bites I figured I'd give it another shot.  While eating his breakfast, mind you it was only a few bites, he began to rub his eyes alot.  They seemed to be getting red so I decided to get him out of his high chair and wash his face because I thought he must have had something in his eyes.  By the time I got him to the sink, he started throwing up and gasping.  He looked like he was chocking some and became very lethargic.  I immediately called Steve (who praise the Lord had just left the house).  I'm not sure I even explained what was happening other than he had to get home fast.  He was only 3-4 minutes away so by the time he got home Eli was still rubbing his eyes but thankfully was not thowing up or lathargic. I called my mom because I thought he was probably haven't an allergic reaction but he had eaten eggs before.  She recommended benedryle so we hoped in the car and ran to Walmart to get some baby benedryle.  Thankfully (again) walmart is less than a mile from our house and I RAN in. People in walmart probably thought I was crazy but I didn't care....I had to take care of my baby.  Steve stayed with him in the car but he was fine even though his eyes were still red and a little puffy.  When we got home I called my friend Morgan who is a pharmasist.  Praise the Lord she answered right away The Lord must have spoken to her to answer her phone while she was at work, she immediately said hey and asked if everything was ok. She knows me well :) I told her what had happend and she looked up how much benedryl you can give a 1 year old.  As I went to give it to him, he started throwing up again.  Sorry for the TMI but it was A LOT of puke!! And it was all over him and Steve.  My husband wasn't even phased.  He held his baby tight while I cleaned him up. My hubby rocks!
We knew we needed to call the dr or go to the ER.  The dr had an opening right away - how great is our God!?!?!  By the time we got there Eli was feeling better and his eyes weren't nearly as red or puffy.  Our pediatrician wasn't there so we saw the doc on call.  He examined him and diagnosed him with an ear infection and respiratory infection.  What?? Yep thats right.  He recommended we stay away from eggs but he believed the reaction was due to the respiratory infection.  So we were given antibiotics and sent home.  He had NO signs of a infection.  He was a happy, healthy, no fever or sniffles baby.

Another God thing, when I called to make Eli's 1 year old check up they were booked straight for well visits for almost 7 weeks.  So his 1 year appointment was actually after he was 13 months old.  But it was the Monday after the egg episode.  I really had no intention of telling our pediatrician the whole scenario but in passing I said something about his throwing up.  He then had several questions and felt like it WAS an allergic reaction.  He recommened getting blood work done. 

So my poor Eli had his 1 year old shots then we headed that afternoon for his blood work.  It was the worse thing ever for a mommy's heart.  Let me just tell you....all I could think about were those moms who's sweet babies are in the hospital and pooked and proded every day :( Steve held him but as soon as the 2 lab workers got close to him he looked at me with the most fear in his eyes and helpless face that pleaded for me to rescue him.  Tears burst out of his sweet little eyes...and this was all before they even poked him.  They were just chosing what arm looked best.  I tried to tell him it was ok and mommy and daddy were right there but his heart was scared that these two strangers in white coats and gloves were holding his arms down.  My mommy-ness wanted to knock them to the floor and grab my baby up and kiss him but I had to let them do their job but you better believe the second they were done I pushed them out of the way to grab my baby.  Thankfully he won't remember this experience. I, on the other hand, will never forget that helpless look on his face. 
We opted for some leaf finding time outside before we headed home.  Eli loves to be outside and explore the grass and tress (and when I say explore I mean test-taste :) 

We are still waiting on the egg results but our doc said he tested postive for a wheat allergy.  I have given him things that have wheat in them everyday since he started eating food so this seems crazy to me.  He even had toast and cheerios this morning and has been fine.  I'm praying it isn't correct or that he will quickly out grow this allergy.  Please join with me in praying he will be allergy free!!  My boy is so healthy and if this is all that we will have to deal with in his life, we will just have to deal with it.  There are hundreds of babies dealing with things a thousand times worse and although I'd rather him not have any allergies I am trusting God to help us on this road and give us wisdom as we decifer through all his old favorite foods and pick new wheat-free favorites :)

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