Thursday, March 13, 2014

A much needed recap....

Just realized I haven't even blogged since I got pregnancy sickness/tiredness and keeping up with an almost 2 year old (dare I say that our loud) makes for little time to blog. 
So here's a quick recap because one day I want to look back and remember these days (hopefully ill block out all the morning sickness though)
**October -
 I found out I was pregnant and was thrilled about it! After being terribly sick with the stomach bug I thought all that could have thrown my cycles off but no, it was true, 3 pregnancy test later (cause I'm a doubter) I was sure. We had a couples retreat that weekend so I decided to wait and tell Steve then. Little did I know he would totally take the words right out of my mouth. He already had a hunch :) I'm thankful he's so in tune with me and we share each others thoughts (at least sometimes)
*We had a great fall...we picked pumpkins with Eli and he loved it! We didn't waste money on a pumpkin patch, we just went to our local fruit stand and Eli ran up and down the pumpkin aisles for a good 30 minutes. It was a blast! He was a fireman for Halloween and had a great time at our church's fall fest!!
*November brought about a yummy date night out for my birthday while NaeNae and Papa kept Eli. We really thought about telling them about the new grand any on this night but decided to wait. Little did I know morning sickness would hit me like a ton of bricks about a week later and I desperately needed my mom so I spilled the beans. She was holding Eli when I told her and almost dropped him out of shock :)
We told my grandparents soon after since they live right down the road, they've been a huge help!
Thanksgiving was fun being with my family for the first time in 4 years but I couldn't eat much :( which is pretty disappointing on Thanksgiving.
December brought Christmas music but I wasn't able to help as much unless I carried around a bucket. But Steve did amazing on the Christmas music. I was so so proud of him!
Christmas was an absolute blast this year!!!! Eli got so many great things and he loved it all! He really liked wearing his "ho,ho" Jammies and singing jingle bells. We were blessed that Adam, Amy, and Beth got to join us for Christmas this year, made it really special. We opened gifts, had a yummy breakfast and played games all afternoon. It was great!!! I love Christmas!
Eli's favorite toys included a microphone, drums, riding tractor, umbrella "umbo", bguitar, and Lego wagon.
January seems like ages ago! I was still very sick and the cold weather kept us stuck inside most days. Thank goodness Papaw and Meme would rescue us some days and come pick us up so Eli could "drive" in Papaw's truck. Seriously such a blessing to be down the road from them.
By February I was feeling a little better but still sick in the morning...true morning sickness. I figured by 14 weeks id be better like I was with Eli but not the case. Steve had several trips with the church so we got to spend time at my parents which is always nice. Eli loves being with them.  We also had a gender reveal party with my family. We had fun announcing Eli would be having a little brother. I pray they are best of friends!

Eli is such a little chatter box and full of personality. He loves to sing and preach...he gets his bible and shouts "amen" and "God" all the time...I love it! And he loves to pray!!! Now he will pray with his teddy bears and its absolutely precious!!!
March has arrived And a few days of warmer weather which has been so nice. Eli loves to be outside and I do too!! We've taken a trip to the zoo and park already; soaking in the spring weather when it makes an appearance. On the other days we color on cardboard boxes, Eli helps me do laundry (he's learning how to fold the bath clothes and always helps throw the clothes in the washer). He a little obsessed with watching "hot dog" aka Mickey Mouse and he still like Barney. We play in his toy car a lot (have I mentioned our neighbors were going to throw it away so we snagged it for free) its been a blessing. Eli loves to pretend he's going places. He'll go to the store and bring me some of my plastic fruit I have on a shelf. So stinkin cute! He's starting to assert his will more so discipline has had to be an almost everyday thing around here. We've had a few meltdowns but we are both learning what will and won't be tolerated. I'm hoping he'll learn quickly because its exhausting.
He's still so incredibly loving!!! He loves to give hugs, high fives, bumps, and blow kisses. He would snuggle with me every nap if I let him and occasionally I do ;) I love when he runs up to me to hug me and say "momma" in his sweetest little voice!!! Oh I just love him so much! 

We are prepping for baby #2 (who still has no name yet, praying The Lord gives us a name soon!!) I ordered bedding for him today and plan to update Eli's room since they will be sharing eventually. Steve has been a huge help starting to get things in order...we still have lots to do though...around 15 weeks and baby will be here!! I can't wait! :) 

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