Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy Beavers....

Yes, that's us, the Busy Beavers. The next few weeks are about to get crazy busy at our house. Not only are we anticipating the arrival of sweet little brother in about 14 weeks (yes 14 or less most likely) but we also have another sweet little boy that will be turning 2 in just 3 weeks. We are celebrating with a cookout with the fam and lots of Mickey Mouse decorations. Eli loves "hot dog" as he calls him, and can spot him a mile away in a store. I'm so excited for our house to be covered in Mickey. Eli will love it!! Plus my little helper is obsessed with helping me in the kitchen so we found a kitchen for him at a consignment sale (cause I wasn't about to some over $100 on a toy kitchen). I can't wait to see his face when he sees it. I know he will beam from ear to ear! :)
In the meantime Steve has lots of stuff at church going on. He's had visitation every Monday night this month so we've been going over to visit NaeNae and Papa while she's been so sick. Nothing like a cuddly almost 2 hear old to cheer ya up. We also have our Easter program we are getting ready for. We have 2 extra practices this month and a dress rehearsal in April.

We planned a quick little get-a-way next week and I can't wait! It'll be nice to be out of our norm routine for a day or two. I'm just really hoping the morning sickness doesn't follow me but if it does we'll make the best of it. Looking forward to having time as a family of 3 before we become a family of 4!

I'm also helping with a wedding shower in a few weeks and we have 2 weddings to attend before baby comes (if he waits till his due date, we'll see.)
So those are the big events but of course we have our day to day task that need to be done and lots of baby prepping things! We are working on transitioning Eli to a big boy bed when we get back from our trip but we aren't holding our breath. Baby brother will sleep in our room for a while then the boys will share a new cute room I've got to finish (I mean start) decorating :) lots of baby clothes to wash and all our old equipment that needs to be cleaned. All this while battling my continuing morning nausea isn't so fun but gotta get things done. Lots to do but lots to look forward to!

On another note 2 of my best friends are pregnant at the same time as me and one just found out she's having a little boy too!! I'm pretty pumped they will be about 8 weeks apart. And we have another niece or nephew on the way. We're pulling for a nephew since they already have 3 girls but we will see :)

Well gotta go convince my sweet Eli to eat more than just the marshmallows out of his lucky charms :)

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