Monday, October 20, 2014

An update on all of us....

A little life update....

Steve - he's getting ready for our Christmas music, yes it's that time of year again! We had our kickoff about 3 weeks ago. We've got some great songs this year...I think everyone is really excited!
He's still teaching the college kids as well and we have a pumpkin carving contest this weekend...Steve's awesome so I get he wins!

Eli - wow! Where to begin! He is such a character, full of fun!! He turned 2 1/2 this month and I'm having a hard time thinking he's halfway to 3...time stand still!
He loves to sing and's adorable! He is potty training/potty trained! I'm so proud of him! The first week he only had 2 accidents and we've only had 2 others since then in the last month. He can count to twenty - kind of lol and he knows most of his colors. He loves going to church and playing on the stage after the service. He's obsessed with cars and would play hot wheels forever! He still loves being outside and would live out there if I let him. He still loves cuddling and I'm thankful for that :) he's so smart and sweet! However his favorite word is "no" so poor thing gets disciplined a good bit...train up a's a never ending task! 
He loves Andrew and for that I am so so thankful! He's been so sweet to him and I pray they grow up to he best friends!

Andrew - he is growing so fast! He's almost 4 months, its hard to believe! He's such a happy baby and loves to talk and smile! But he hates sleep...seriously the kid hates it! Maybe one day soon he'll realize long naps are much better than these short ones! 
He is a nursing champ and quite the chunky fellow! He weighs over 16lbs now :) he's great at rolling from his tummy to his back and can almost roll back to belly! He likes to sit up although he can't do it by himself yet. He's also my little scooter...lay him on his belly and he scoots all over his play may...he may be an early crawler if he keeps that up.
He loves his bumbo chair, being outside, and watching his brother play. He smiles so big at Eli, it melts my heart!

Me - well I'm sorta getting the swing of having two boys but I'm no pro. The second time around some things are a lot easier and some are a lot harder because now you have two babies depending on you for their needs. I nurse Andrew every 3 hours and in the in between time I cook, play, and sometimes do cleaning...lets be honest my house looks "lived in" (that's what I call it)
I'm hoping to start working out soon but can't seem to find the time. I'm thankful nursing helps me lose most of my baby weight but still have about 7 to go and unfortunately its all in my belly. So maybe one day ill be committed to losing it. Steve and I talk a lot about getting back in shape, sadly our coca-cola addition rules that out most days ;)
I'm still loving being at home although I do missing teaching at times. But I don't miss it enough to leave my precious boys.
Currently I'm trying to get our Christmas shopping done...going to be a fun year with two little ones waiting on Santa...I am so excited!!! :) hopefully ill update again before then!

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