Friday, December 12, 2014

Baby Andrew is 5 months!!!

I'm really not sure where the last 5 months went! I thought time flew by when Eli was a baby but its 10x as fast now. I've already had to pack up newborn clothes, 3months and 6 months clothes....this kid is growing so fast!!
Here is a little bit about my baby boy....

5 months
17lbs 12oz - 75th percentile 
25in long - 25th percentile (sorry kid, you'll be short like mommy and daddy!)

Eats every 3 hours during the day and once or twice at night. Goes to bed at 9pm, usually wakes around 3am then is up at 8am. We have a few nights where he's up at 1 or 2 then again around 5....oh I don't even remember what it was like to sleep through the night....oh well!

Andrew loves to be talked to! He likes to be kissed and has the cutest laugh. He laughs the most when Eli is running around.

Andrew likes to watch Mickey Mouse with his brother and enjoys playing in the kitchen in his bouncy seat while mommy cooks or cleans.

Andrew loves looking at himself in the mirror and who can blame him he's so cute!
His new favorite toy is a big red newks cup. Red is obviously his favorite color which works out nicely for this Ole Miss fan and his daddy who's a big Ohio State Fan....pulling for the buckeyes in the playoffs :)

He's still a thumb sucker and not a long napper.

He really likes to be outside but its too cold so enjoys looking out the window. He's a big mommys boy but he also loves his Meme (my grandmother!)

He is wearing mostly 9month clothing which is crazy!!! I love my butterball!!!!!!

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