Wednesday, February 25, 2015

'A' is for Adventure - 7 months!

Mr. Adventurous is his name!! This little, determined young fellow is already 7 months (almost 8 by the time I post this I'm sure!) He is keeping is on our toes! He is such a fun baby and into everything....

Here's some stats....
Weight - 19lbs 10oz
Height - 26in (poor thing is gonna be short like his mommy!)

-sits up by himself
-crawls everywhere!!
-pulls up on everything! 
-climbs over anything that's in his way of his toy ;)
-loves his jumpy
-loves playing outside in his walker with his brother
-loves his big brother!!! I mean HAS to be where Eli is at all times!!!
-starting to like more baby foods (apples, squash, and peas are favorites)
-has eaten a little toast and a few puffs 
-plays well independently
-gets into ALL of brother's toys!
-nurses every 3-3 1/2 hours
-loves peek-a-boo
-big enough to bathe in the big tub with brother! It's an adventure!

This little one has added a lot of fun to our home (and a lot less sleep lol) he's a smiley baby and very loving! We are so blessed by him everyday!!! 

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