Saturday, July 4, 2009

Centri-Kid Camp with the little ones...

Week 2 of camp is done and I'm exhausted! I'm so thankful to have a few days at home to rest and enjoy sleeping in!! After a quick re-packing from youth camp, I loaded my suitcases and off I went with our 3rd-5th graders to Mississippi College for Centri-Kid camp (which is a lifeway camp, the kid version of where Adam works and the same camp Amy works for in the summers). I had 20 girls and several homesick kiddos so it was a week thats for sure! But I got to help with the cheerleading track (activity) which was LOTS of fun! Centri-kid is such a well run camp and the staffers are awesome! I had a great time meeting some of them and loved all the activities and worship times we had!
Me and Billy - the awesome drummer and my scientific methods buddy at Samford :)
The crazy super-heor girl counselors!
The performers on our last night of camp!

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