Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Surprises :)

Since mom's 50th birthday is approaching soon I decided to do a little surprise lunch for her this week - a little pre-surgery celebration!! I don't think I've lied that many cosecutive times in a 24 hour period haha! But it was well worth it to see her excitement when we walked into Newks and 12 of her close girl friends were sitting at the table with presents and balloons! We had a great time and ended the celebration with a YUMMY Strawberry cake - Mom's favorite!! Such a fun day!!!
We also had another little surprise last night! Steve and I were just going to make a wal-mart to get a few things and as he opened my car door there were over a dozen roses sitting there in the car! They were beautiful!! He brought a dozen gorgeous red roses for my mom, white roses for me (my favorite) and roses for my grandmother - who's here helping take care of the patient! How sweet!!! It was SUCH a wonderful surprise and I loved waking up this morning to the aroma of fresh flowers :)
I'm so blessed!!!

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