Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th!!

What a wonderful independence day!
We had an early celebration with the youth staff which was fun then traveled to good ole Kosciusko on Monday. It has been a LONG time since all the Olivers were together so we knew we were in for a great day! Steve had not had a chance to hang out with the whole gang but he braved the craziness and tackled his first Oliver holiday...congratulations! We had about 28 people in all and enough food to feed a small army...we had ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings, spaghetti, potatoes, green beans, taco dip, corn, and oh Im sure there's something I'm forgetting...everyone had something they would like! Crazy combinations but it worked for us! And I didn't even mention desserts...lots of those as well! We also got to go see Meredith and Robert's new property and house. It definitely gave Steve and I house buying fever. We would LOVE to live in a small town out in the country...maybe one day!
On our way home from Kosi we randomly saw two fireworks shows...we pulled off the side of the road and enjoyed about a 20 minute show in Southhaven then drove a little futher and ran into another one in Olive Branch. We felt very blessed to run into to great shows.
What a day of blessings to spend time with family and enjoy great fellowship!

My 4th of July fruit kabobs...such easy and quite yummy!

Will liked them!! :) What a cutie!

Celebrating the red, white and blue with some yummy CUPCAKES!!!!!
The kiddos loved them!

Like I said, we had LOTS of food!

The girls enjoyed playing beauty shop!

The whole gang!

Our first 4th of July together!! :)

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