Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer of the traveling Shorts...

The summer is FLYING by and boy have we been busy!! We have been gone for 3 of the 5 weeks I have been out of school, with 2 weeks being consecutive trips. And we are not done yet...we will leave for Middle School Camp bright and early Monday morning. When we return Friday afternoon I will spend a frantic Saturday cleaning and doing laundry so we can get on the road early Sunday morning to head to Gaitlinburg for family vacation....then a short weekend trip for our anniversary! Its been nice not to have to work but it has de
finitely been a summer on the road.
One sad note about the summer...I have somehow lost my desire to get out my camera and take snap some photos...whats wrong with me??? We have about 2 pictures f
rom the mission trip in Arkansas and 2 pictures from our 2 weeks in Florida. Hopefully I get back on my picture taking craze soon! :) But until then enjoy the FEW pictures we do have from the summer of the Traveling Shorts...

In Arkansas at the "Purple Cow"...We got to have delicious purple milkshakes...yumyum!

One of the girl's groups made us act out 'Tangled'...hilarious!! :)

One of our only pictures on the beach...please ignore the terrible hairdo :)

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