Friday, October 12, 2012

Freeze Time

I sure wish I could create a machine that would make time slow down. Eli will be 6 months old on Sunday and I'm a bit emotional about it...I'm gonna be a blubbering basket-case when he turns 1!!! I sure love the stage he is right now....he laughs at everything I say, he babbles and talks to his animal friends all the time, he beams with delight when it's bath time, he loves to cuddle, still not a big napper, likes to roll over A LOT, his  jumper is his new best friend, and he has a new love - solid foods! So far we've tried rice cereal, carrots, and squash. Up next - green beans then bananas. I've been making his food which I really enjoy! He's growing so fast but I'm trying to savor every minute!!
Last year at this time I was just getting over my morning sickness and finally starting to eat food...crazy how that seems so long ago and so brief when in those weeks I felt like they lasted forever! Easy to say. Is that it was totally worth it!! Sure am grateful God chose to give us a beautiful, healthy baby boy! Can't imagine my life without him! Of course there are things I miss from time to time, mainly sleep and weekly date nights, but I wouldn't trade this stage of life for the world! Yes the house is messy with paci's in every corner blankets and bibs on the couch but i like it this way! Nothing better than being a mommy to my precious Eli!
1 Samuel 1:27

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