Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gift List...

I wish everyone could have just one year teaching Kindergarten....oh the stories you would have...well here are some of mine. First on the list to share: GIFTS! I never knew when a gift would present itself and I could never fully be prepared for what each gift might be. All thoughtful and all here ya go...the LIST:
1. Used Chapstick - Thats right - I said used. It was thoughtful to bring something for nourishment for my lips - maybe she knew I had just gotten married and might have needed some chapstick. :) What a sweet gift from one of my precious girls - and her little gifts may just appear another time on this list.

2. A Snuggie - a great Christmas present from one of my boys - not sure its made itself out of the box yet but I can see it working in the near future if my church doesn't get a hold of its air conditioning....seriously considering taking my blue snuggie to church next week!

3. Bag of goodies - this had too many things to list individually! It was a green paper bag and inside were several unique items...finger nail polish (a very pretty color too), a beaded necklace, used play-dough, a stretchy alligator, and a curly ribbon....enough said! :)

4. A letter - now this was hilarious! One of my girls brought me a envelop "I have a gift for you Mrs. Short' "oh thank you (hug) that is so sweet'. (I look at the envelop and it has her mother's return address on it and its addressed to a lady who lives in Texas) hum..."Sweetie I don't think this is for me, see it doesn't have my name on it. Why don't you take it home since it doesn't have my name on it' 'ok'. Next day, same student: "Mrs. Short I have a gift for you", "oh thank you sweetie" (Same envelope but this time has MRs. ShOrT writing on the front in marker over the other lady's address) "see it has your name on it, its for you' "Thank you, that is very thoughtful of you" :)

5. Barbie doll locker - another sweet gift a blue locker made for Barbie precious Genise said I could use it to hold my pens.

6. Justin Bieber photos - what teacher doesn't need cut out magazine pictures of Justin Bieber right?

The list could go on and on of the pictures and sweet cards I was given but the grocery store is calling my name....

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