Sunday, May 15, 2011

Newlywed dreams...

One weekend, Steve and I decided to grab some lunch and head to Shelby Farms to enjoy a beautiful Saturday outside. Well, we got a little side tracked and ended up stopping in a new neighborhood at a model home. We pretended we were in market - as we are no where close to that! :) It was SO much fun! It got us really interested in looking at homes - although our desire is not to have a big home just a big family, its still fun to look! (And on a ministers andteacher's salary we know we'll never have a mansion but we do know God will always provide our needs and thats what matters!)
But with that in mind, and a little inspiration from my friend Anna's blog about their dream home, I've taken a time out from grading papers and entering grades to blog about beautiful homes...

If you noticed the trend - I LOVE front porches!!!
I have collection of dreamy kitchens too but those will have to wait another day! Time to spend hang out with the hubby! :)

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